10 Make-Up Brushes Every Girl Should Have

A great set of brushes is a beauty artist’s arsenal of mass seduction. And there is a universe of these tools out there that are pretty  wonderful but how do you tell the essential from the unnecessary? We’ve picked out the 10 must-haves every girl should have by their vanity table with quick tips on how you to use them.

Foundation Brush

Distinctive feature: Tightly packed bristles with a tapered tip for fluid application.

Primary use: To smoothen out liquid or cream foundation for streak-free application.

Alternate use: For patting on when using under-eye concealer.

Chanel Foundation Brush – RM 140

Beauty Blender

Distinctive feature: It’s egg like shape.

Primary use: Soak up in warm water and squeeze all the water out. Then dab on a towel and apply product to smoothen out the foundation on your face. You can use the tip to reach the creases around the nose.

Alternate uses: Blend out harsh make up lines, apply cream blush or remove excess product.

Kabuki Brush

Distinctive feature: Short, dense animal-hair bristles.

Primary use: You can use this big brush to softly apply bronzers and powders and evenly distribute it around your face.

Alternate use: Buff out harsh lines on your face by swirling the brush.

Chanel Retractable Kabuki Brush – RM 190

Angled Powder Brush

Distinctive feature: The angle of the thick bundled brush allows you to concentrate on other areas of your face, making it multipurpose.

Primary use: Ideal for setting powder foundation to parts of your face that are more prone to oil.

Alternate use: Sculpting cheeks and facial contours.

Chanel Angled Powder Brush – RM 205

Blush Brush

Distinctive feature: Fine gentle fibres with a rounded head makes it perfect for giving a pop of colour.

Primary use: To highlight the apple of your cheeks with your favourite blush.

Alternate use: You can also use this brush to apply powdered highlighter to your cheekbones.

Chanel Blush Brush – RM 160

Concealer Brush

Distinctive feature: The soft bristles which could either be synthetic or real hair has a wider base and a pointed tip to reach smaller areas of the face.

Primary use: Use a small synthetic brush to pinpoint specific areas that need extra coverage.

Alternate use: Clean up messy lipstick or brow edges.

Chanel Concealer Brush – RM 105

Eye Shadow Brush

Distinctive feature: Large, flat, short and brimming bristles gives excellent coverage to cover the surface area of the eyelids.

Primary use: Use an eye shadow brush to evenly apply powder and cream shadows.

Alternate use: Dab on eye shadow under the lower lash for a smokier eye look.

Chanel Large Flat Eyeshadow Brush – RM 130

Blending Brush

Distinctive feature: The light and fluffy bristles allow the colours to be spread out and mixed in well.

Primary use: To diffuse and blend eye shadow in the crease of your eye.

Alternate use: Blend highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bones.

Fan Brush

Distinctive feature: The fine, long and fan-like bristles that can create a soft, velvety effect.

Primary use: Use this to clean up fallen product of gently apply powders.

Alternate use: De-clump eyelashes.

2-In-1 Foundation Brush

Distinctive feature: Tapered natural bristles makes this brush suitable for any foundation formula.

Primary use: Use this brush for a smooth application of your cream or fluid foundation. The tapered bristles gently follow the contours of your face.

Alternate use: Use it to apply powder on areas that you feel may need more coverage. You can also use it to blend in your contour!

Chanel 2-in-1 Foundation Brush – RM 170


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