11 Local Singles To Stalk This 11/11 Singles Day

Instead of moping around, envying doubles, own this auspicious time with….. some stalking! On IG, of course – let’s not get overboard LELz. In celebration of all you beautiful solo souls, we’ve put together a pro IG stalking list, filled with local lookers!

Ready to find someone within your radius? Hehe..

1. May we first present to you @matthias__sim.

/ / Caption this. #internationalsuitday #legendary #suitup #asian #rallyawesome #agencylife #igdaily

A photo posted by Matthias S. (@matthias__sim) on

Standing over 6ft tall, this media agency suit sure does clean up well! And GET THIS – Poor boy’s just recently single. I reckon he’ll be needing some help with licking those fresh wounds, ey?


2. Rojak with @ajmichael09, anyone?

Last Saturday night at @w_are_houseevents' Open Mic with the man and fellow member of the faction @jawsville. #WAreHouse

A photo posted by Alvin John Michael (@ajmichael09) on

Alvin’s of Filipino and Indian descent, with fingers that know how to work! He’s a bass player, s’all I mean, duh! And a very talented one at that. With his charm, and family values, he’s just the kind of cutie you’d want to bring home to your parents.


3. Milk chocolate can be a sinful thing, but for @aliefacmaleating a whole bar’s no problem for us.


A photo posted by Alief Acmal (@aliefacmal) on

He’s got a smile you’d have etched in your heart #5ever, and dance moves that’ll make you wish you were physically attached to him. Find him around the hottest hip hop spots in town!


4. Can we all just take a quick second to worship @thejohnlloyd‘s 6 pack??

Still in that holiday mood. #vacay #skippedlegday

A photo posted by John Lloyd (@thejohnlloyd) on

The eldest of three talented Lloyd brothers (extra goodies here, and here), John’s just the right amount of rough around the edges. If you hadn’t noticed, he’s a real wizard with hair, and we swear he’s got a big heart!

5. If you need a little perk, @baristaamin‘s just the guy for you!

We’d be content with just sitting and staring into Amin’s eyes (that naturally change from green, to grey, to blue btw) for days. Hailing all the way from Iran, he’s now based in KL making some of the best tasting coffee in town. And yes, fam, we’ve checked, this handsome has a 6 pack on him *cries harder*.


6. Don’t let @zanliew‘s cute face fool ya!

Best mates #friends #dog #summer

A photo posted by Zander (@zanliew) on

He claims to like long walks on the beach, but could we possibly just take one to the fridge – in his house, preferably? LELz. His clear love for animals is a plus as well.


Quick breather – it’s getting too hot in here. SOMEONE GET US ICE, PLEASE. Phew! Ok, set for another round?


7. We’ve got a major jonesing for Thai tonight!

@chewithong21 can speak at least 3 languages fluently – English, Chinese, and of course Thai! This fashion designer is bold and as confident as can be. We’re major loving his body image positivity, and his lust for pushing boundaries.

8. Isn’t @sweeteechin just beyond sexual?

Angle problem.

A photo posted by SweetEe is my name (@sweeteechin) on

We’re obsessed with her aesthetic, and can’t get over how her IG feed’s an everlasting mood board of sultry!


9. Our hearts break every time @brownilly‘s face comes to view.

Nobody listen to her because she doesn't have a pretty face to match her pretty mind.

A photo posted by Beauty Has No Skin Tone (@brownilly) on

This beautiful being is a petite model – soft spoken… until you get to know her! Don’t let her polished look fool you, she’s the maddest ball of fun you’ll ever get to know.


10. Move aside, Kylie!


A photo posted by Esty Richard (@estyrichard) on

With au natural lips like @estyrichard‘s, we find it super hard to believe that any person would want to part with them! She’s got a way with a mic as well, as this hot Sabahan tamale is also a professional singer.


11. @leelathomas is one to keep you on your toes.

Denim on denim ?: @thebeardedcameragod

A photo posted by Leela Thomas (@leelathomas) on

This snappy young blood will keep you up all night. Anyone who knows her will agree that she’s the life of the party, and holds a great conversation.

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