11 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Party Guests Than Humans

Anyone who knows me well enough would agree that I’m a major cat lady. OK, I do love all animals in general, but cats are my calling!

Living out on my own has made me come to realise that the company of a furry friend, is not only therapeutic, but on most occasions way better than having a human around. Come to think of it, having them as party guests just might be the best idea anyone could have! Why?


1. They agree to everything.

I mean, it’s not a no if you don’t hear it, right? *eye roll*. But in all seriousness, cats are pretty easy when it comes to plans – as long as it doesn’t involve water.


2. They can roll with watermelon vodka.

Let’s just not allow them to consume any, cool? 😛 But from the looks of the gif above, they seem to not mind watermelons too much, and that’s good news for your expressive cocktail making hehe.


3. They appreciate music.

The amount of musical cat videos out there will totally justify my theory that cats are musical beings! It’s at least my experience that my cats love snuggling up to the speakers when I play music. They each even have their own genre preference!


4. They’re great at switching party games up.

Cats are so easily amused, they turn almost everything into a really fun game. If you have a laser pointer, you’d be surprised to notice how fast time passes for yourself even!


5. They’re hella funny “drunk”.

Alcohol has a tendency of bringing out aggression, even in the most peaceful of human beings. We’ve all had that one friend that couldn’t keep it together after knocking back a few – you don’t have to pay any price with a cat party guest.


6. They’re great with cuddles.

I know, I know – why would you even need cuddles at a party?? If you haven’t already experienced this, everyone’s had that one time when they’ve attended a party in the wrong head space. With all of those emotions coursing through you, a good cuddle’s a great solution!


7. They know when to re-hydrate.

Cats look out for you, man. They remind you that re-hydration is key to curbing a bad hangover the next day.


8. They make due with tight spaces.

Parties can sometimes overflow the maximum capacity, and when that happens, someone will always start off on the lack of personal space (it’s usually me, tbh lelz). Cats make it work instead.


9. They kill it with dress up themes.



10. They’re attentive guests.

If you’re looking to host a more curated type of shindig, cats pay attention to the details.


11. They know how to walk it off.

Having had many embarrassing party moments, walking it off can be a hard thing to do. Having a cat do it just proves to you that you can to!


Now that you’re set, grab some bottles of Malbec for yourself, and catnip wine for your fuurrrriend, and get your party hats on for da best night of yer life!

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