The 15 Things You Should Stop Doing In Your Twenties According to Team CLEO!

So, here at #TeamCLEO there is a pretty even age distribution. Okay, this isn’t entirely true. A majority of us are around the 25 mark, with a few outliers around the 3-0 point (don’t judge, we still young at heart. Really). At one of our meetings we got to talking, and then realised collectively, we have around 280 years of wisdom.

You’re in your mid-twenties. You might be happy where you are, maybe not. Maybe you need a little guidance, or a nudge in the right direction. So here, we break it down to every twenty-something year-old — read through and thank us later. You know what, you’re welcome, already.

1. Stop buying knock-offs.

There are so many reasons behind this. Fake goods fuel global child labour and human trafficking, and there are so many ethical issues (not to mention plain copyright infringement). Let’s not even go there. No one cares about monogrammed bags no more. And if you can’t afford something, just buy something within your budget and own your own style. 


Be aware about what you do online and buy from trusted sellers. In this day and age, there’s no real need to educate about being conned out of your money. You know better, than to deal with a dodgy Insta #sayajual shop. These things are probably counterfeit or of lesser quality. For example, if you want contact lenses, buy it from a legit optician.

3. STOP WEARING shoes that don’t do you any justice.

No rubber Crocs or selipar jamban unless you’re literally all about the pajama and Netflix life. Scrub up sometimes, and put on killer, invest-worthy shoes. People will notice.

4. STOP INVESTING IN Bodycon skirts/dresses.

They’re just not attractive anymore. Sounds like we’re on our high horse, right? But sexy doesn’t mean revealing or tight. Try smart layering instead, if you show hints of skin, you’re 100x sexier than showing your booty’s outline in some outdated dress.

5. Stop jumping on the passing trend trains.

Flower crowns when you’re not even at Coachella? American Indian headdresses (cultural appropriation much?!). Just, no.


[[Insert ex boyfriend’s name here]] Nah, we kid. You see your cuticles? Your bitten nails? Your neck? Decolletage? Hands? Invest in them like you would invest in skincare for your face. Thirty-year-old you will appreciate the thought.

7. Stop going for overpriced brunches for the sake of taking pictures (unless you are paid to do it).

Honestly. You won’t be Insta-famous with those heavily edited brunch pics. Go with your friends, enjoy the food, have a good time, and enjoy every experience. Put the phone away.

8. Stop buying matchy-matchy tees/clothes with your man.

Explanation not needed.

9. On that note, don’t make him hold your handbag without a legit reason.

Explanation also not needed.

10. stop buying Insta followers or likes.

See point 7. There are things outside the realm of social media that matter so much more. Take the time to enjoy people’s company, get to know them, build relationships.

11. Learn to be an equal, especially on dates, and treat the other person with respect.

If you’re meeting a guy, offer to split the bill — we have firsthand, insider info that it’s a major. Freaking. Turn off. When girls “disappear” when the bill comes, or they look the other way as the guy takes out his wallet.  Never talk down to a waiter, security guards, salesepeople, etc. You know you’ll dislike it if your date did the same.

11. Always stick your girl code and never bring other women down.

We worked so hard to get here. Don’t slut-shame, don’t say disparaging things about other women, and don’t try to tear other women down. We have it bad enough — we need each other.

12. For the boys: Don’t disrespect women.

Okay we hope there are some boys here reading. Basically this is code for “Stop being a f**kboy”. Just stop it. Don’t treat women like objects; treat them how you would like your own sister to be treated.

13. For the boys: Stop with the D*ck pics.

Apparently, this is still a thing, and it happens, and we need to put an end to it. Please, please, please. Stop with it already.

14. Get your s**t together.

Yeah you don’t have to have the fattest paycheck at this point in your life. But put your head down, set some goals, work hard, and don’t expect you’ll be your own boss tomorrow. Stop sponging off your parents and start investing your money proper.

15. Read more.

We cannot stress this enough. Even if you can’t travel at this point in your life (yes, it can be expensive so we don’t expect you to #wanderlust every other month), pick up a book here and there. It’s a habit that pays off bucketloads — your brain is the most important thing you can take care of. It makes you worldly, expands your vocab and when you start dishing something intellectual at dinner, you become around 14,234,324 times more attractive to the opposite sex. Like we said, you’re welcome.



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