25-Year-Old Jerome Chin Just Saved His School Teacher’s Life And We’re Awwing At Him

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana.

We woke up to the news of a humble medical student from Kuantan giving away 67% of his liver to his ex-teacher. Star reported of a 25-year-old Jerome Chin who sacrificed parts of his kidney to save his ex-teacher’s life. Chin joked that he hated Leong Fong Peng, who often disciplined him back in school but nevertheless, did not think twice to save her life.

Image: Star

We can’t even get a guy to open the door for us. And here we have a guy who is willing to give someone a part of his organ, talk about being selfless.

Chin kept in touch with Leong’s daughter, Krystle Teh, after leaving school and found out about her mother’s condition back in July. By that time, things had gotten dire and Chin became the only one out of eight people to be suitable. While waiting to do his housemanship, Chin approached Teh and told her that he was willing to be a donor.

I was just the right person at the right place at the right time, I have done what I could. – Jerome Chin.

At the beginning, Chin’s father, just like any other parent, was apprehensive about his decision. But after explaining the medical procedure to him, Chin managed to convince his father that he would not be in any immediate danger.

After the surgery, Chin suffered from a brief spout of jaundice and expects his liver to regrow fully in the next three months. (Side note: did anyone know that your liver can grow back? *mind blown*)

Here at #TeamCLEO, we couldn’t help but swoon at Chin’s selfless act of kindness when we read the news. His gallant efforts reminded us that there are good people in the world we live in. Here are some other examples that got us going ‘Awwww‘:

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Georgetown Hero 

Earlier this year, a policeman from Georgetown, Penang risked his life to save a woman who had attempted suicide at the Second Penang Bridge. Zaidi Salleh, who is a retired Air Force flight sergeant, was on duty at the Second Penang Bridge and was alerted when the woman had jumped. Salleh jumped into the water and held on to the woman as the currents were very strong, until rescuers reached them.

Image: Malay Mail
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