4 Easy Workouts For The Lazy Girl

Every Sunday, you vow to keep fit for the rest of the week. And every Sunday you look back at your alcohol-fueled weekend and wonder, in that bleary haze, whether lifting those wine glasses to your lips cancelled the calories from the booze.

Well, you’re on the way to being a fitness junkie... in your mind. You just don’t have the motivation to get up, put on cute workout clothes and drive to the gym only to see people who look far, far better than you. Which, in all honesty, is fine. In the vein of staying at home and going all Netflixand-chill, what if actually being a lazy bum could help you get fit? Before you leave a smoke imprint of yourself in the rush to putting on your sweatpants and oversized tee, this doesn’t mean you can start ordering that pizza just yet.

Here are 4 ways to bust a move... Without even moving that much. You’ll see. It’ll all add up and you’ll be thanking your lazy-girl stars!

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NO more couch potato

Time: 12pm

Place: Couch

Exercise: Mini HIIT moves

Target area: All over

Why: Firstly, highfive for getting from the bed to the couch. Now that you’ve got Stranger Things fired up, popcorn (low-cal, right?) at the ready, you should make the most of it. It’s okay, as long as you have stretchy clothes on (*cough* pajamas) you’ll be able to do this.

Do It: Ad breaks? What’s that? Just time yourself to do two to three minutes sets of sit ups, squats or push-ups. Then, use the end of the couch for tricep dips. How do you do this? Sit on the sofa with your feet on the floor. Position arms shoulder width apart with legs extended out in front of you. Bend your knees to form a right angle, then slide your
bum off the couch and lower your body towards the floor. Keeping your shoulders back and elbows pulled in, push your body back up and return to the starting position. Try to do 15–20 reps per set. Now, this brings a whole new meaning to Netflix and chill! Maybe
Netflix and let ’s get fit?

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