5 Signs You May Have A Shopping Addiction

Written By Syahirah Khairuddin and Bbazaar

I hate shopping... said no one ever. Even if someone does have a shopping addiction, let’s face it — we’re not going to admit it.

How can it be a problem when it cures our Monday blues? The simple act of adding things into a cart instantly charges our dopamine levels. Let alone the joy of seeing unopened packages waiting for us at our front door!

Still, there is a fine line between addiction and therapy.  As much as it is a stress reliever, it is also a stress-inducer. Especially when shopping has become a daily phenomenon in our material driven society today.


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Our love for online shopping has put us on the map, being the country with the highest penetration of online shoppers compared to Thailand and Singapore as pointed out by The Sun Daily. In fact, our friends at BBazaar Malaysia noted that Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) director of e-commerce Wee Huay Neo says, “The Malaysian consumer is a shopaholic, with 7% of online shoppers making a purchase almost daily, 26% once a week, 54% once a month and the remaining 13% once a year.”

So, do you think you have an addiction? Or do you think it is merely a therapy? Here are five signs that point to you most likely being a  shopaholic, and some expert ways to overcome your expensive addiction. 

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You Don’t Shop within your means

Ever been a position where you would go the extra mile just to be “on trend”? Or even worse, borrowing money from your friends to get your hands on the latest Gucci handbag or the new Adidas sneakers?  Then you are definitely not shopping within your means.  Being in debt and maxing out your credit cards and to certain extent getting personal loans  are signs that you are spending way beyond you’re earning. So the question is — Is that latest handbag or sneakers really worth being hounded by banks and creditors?

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Solution: Understand the role of your credit cards because they are great tools of convenience, but reckless usage is a total big no-no. Keep in mind, with credit cards it is better to not get anywhere close to maxing it out. And if you do have to make an all-important purchase, use your debit card instead or go old-school and cash-out the specific amount of your purchase. This way you’ll ensure that that you shop within your means, and buy only the thing you need the most.

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