5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My First Job

My time with CLEO digital will only mark a month since I joined by tomorrow. What’s a better time than to reflect on one self and share the things I’ve learnt throughout my first job experience. As a little intro about myself, I finished school when I was 16. Since I finished school earlier than most students in Malaysia did as I was studying in Russia at the time, i’ve always took it upon myself to follow through any part-time gigs. My parents were always very keen and supportive people, hence why every Summer holiday you’d find me always up to something new.

I started placing my foot in the door when I applied for an internship with CLEO Magazine. To be frank, I didn’t know what to expect working in a publishing house. I was terrified yet enticed, all at the very same time. But hey! the 3-months paid off and I landed my first job with the title. But of course not to sugarcoat my daily struggles, (I know my boss is reading this) I’m still learning with what comes my way and I know this can only be considered the beginning of it all. Here it is, the things I wish I knew before I wore my first pair of adult pants…

1. Time Management Is A Skill

Segregating your time for work and personal life is so important. Pick it up as you go, find ways to help you use your time better. Keep a calendar going for yourself – make full use out of that mobile data, girl! Write little notes here and there to always keep reminders.


2. Sleep Is For The Weak

Yeap, all the memes shared on Facebook equals to real life. Once you start working, juggling a digital job that never sleeps while still trying to make time for your partner, family and friends. Your relationship with your bed will turn rocky. Thank goodness for long weekends like these, where you can recoil your love back to what it once was. A ballad for every first-jobber out there:

3. You’re Not The Only One! 

I always find myself frozen in time when I’m left to no choice but to ask someone. I think I always think I should always figure out my own solutions to problems. When IRL, most people are just winging it as they go. It’s about how you execute an idea, not the raw blurt of word vomit.

4. The More Tedious The Work, The More Easily You’ll Mess It up

Being in the line of job I work in, there are tedious work you need to do to get the job done. Writing requires a lot of time and for a visually appealing outcome, the more tedious it is – the more important it is. Just because a task that was given to you seems like a simple procedure, if you take anything too lightly, it can have a negative effect in the long run.

5. Have A Routine And Stick With It

The transition from being a student with one of the most inconsistent routines ever, I found this difficult. I’m a sucker for last-minute plans, I always find that they usually happen more successfully than the planned ones. This, does not apply in your working life. Getting a routine running not only means that you get your priorities laid out, it also means you tend to sleep better, eat better and increase productivity!


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