6 Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Contact Lenses

Myth: Girls who wear contact lenses need to go easy on the eye make-up as it might irritate the eyes.

Status: Myth busted. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses, pile on all the eye make-up you want. It’s the matter of whether you are following proper lens care instructions and using clean make-up products.

Here are some tips you might need.
Wear your lenses before applying your eye make-up

This way, make-up residue won’t get onto your contact lens and it will be easier to insert your contact lens. Plus, you can see better when applying your make-up.

Remove your contact lenses before removing your make-up

With clean hands, remove your contact lens. Then use a gentle eye make-up remover to remove your eye make-up.

Follow a good lens care routine

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your lenses! Change the saline solution in your case after each time you’ve stored your lenses. If you only wear your lenses once in a while, opt for the daily disposable type which you can use once and throw away after.

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara

Avoid lash-building mascaras which contain fibres. These fibres could fall into your eyes which will lead to irritation. It is advisable to apply mascara from the middle of your lashes so that the wand will not touch your eyes. Another tip? Be light handed when applying your eyeliner and be careful not to go too close to the lash line. Fibres from the product can end up stuck on your lens. Check out Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, they are long-lasting and waterproof so they’re good for tight-lining and lining your waterline.

Do not share your eye make-up products

This is the cardinal sin of eye make-up. Never, ever share your make-up with other people! Eye make-up is particularly sensitive as bacteria transfers straight into the eye, leading to conjunctivitis and other nasty boo-boos.

When using powder, be careful around the eye area

It is recommended that you use either cream, liquid or pressed eye shadows with a primer to avoid fallout particles which could irritate your eyes. Close your eyes when you are applying loose powder around your eye area.

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