6 Easy Health Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every now and then, you find some new use for an everyday item that you didn’t know was possible. We’ve compiled a list of hacks for the betterment of your health (with some science and ingenuity)!

Gargle whiskey to cure sore throat 

While it probably won’t cure a toothache like they say, gargling a splash of whiskey with warm water can do wonders for a sore throat. Including a teaspoon of honey can also help coat the throat and soothe irritation.

Swap sugar for cinnamon 

Use cinnamon instead of cream and sugar in coffee for a healthy flavour kick, without the guilt!

Curse THE pain away

Research has found that letting the expletives tumble right out of your mouth isn’t just a way to cope with pain, it could actually reduce it! Subjects who were allowed to let loose with their language had a higher pain tolerance, less perceived pain and lower heart rates. So if you’re in pain, curse away.

Take a warm shower before bed

Can’t get to bed? A warm shower will help almost anyone drift off to slumber. Coming out of a warm shower and into your cool bedroom will cause a decrease in body temperature, which scientifically speaking helps trigger a tranquil, drowsy feeling due to the slowing down of essential metabolic activities.

Add cherries to your post-workout meal

Looking to recharge after a tough workout? Protein is not the only thing that can help your body rebuild; sipping on cherry juice will help the swelling that occurs when muscles are damaged. In turn, that will allow your body to recover faster and with less pain!

Beat stress with fish

Research has shown that Omega-3 lowers anxiety levels in high-stress med students. And these fats are often found in… you guessed it. Fish! Need further evidence that you can beat stress with the meat that swims? Countries with diets high in fish (like Taiwan and Japan) typically have fewer instances of depression than western nations. Now you know what to eat for your next meal.

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