6 Girls Reveal: My One Night Stand Disaster!

It’s a risque, naughty thing to do with someone you barely know (or maybe have only just met), and when it happens, you can get so caught up in the moment that something not-so-great is just bound to happen. These kind of scenarios will make you feel that a committed relationship might just be better – after all, you can both laugh about it later.

“I met a guy from a dating website and we hit it off immediately. So when I asked him back to my place, he was only too happy to oblige. When we got down to doing the dirty, things were good until we finished and he pulled out, but not before leaving the condom behind! I couldn’t get it out and spend ages trying to get it out from me. Thankfully, I found it, because I was going to have to use a pair of tweezers to pull it out! Needless to say, it was awkward between him and I.” – Chloe, 29

“I was out with a couple of friends at an exclusive club in the city and was having a ton of fun. Then I saw this really tall, good-looking guy checking me out and we struck up a conversation. One thing led to another and we went back to my place. The next morning, I realized he looked pretty familiar and so I checked him up on Facebook and saw we had mutual friends. Turns out, the reason why he looked familiar was because I knew his older brothers (he was WAY younger than I am) and they were the sons of my father’s business partner. Oops!” – Linda, 27

“There was a manager at the place I used to work part-time at whom I used to have a crush on and we flirted all the time. On my last night of work, I decided to bite the bullet and boldly asked him if he would like to (ahem) check out the sound system upstairs. When we got there, we started making out. Just as things were about to get hotter and heavier (we were in some states of undress), a co-worker walked into the room. We had forgotten to close the door! Hurriedly, we got dressed and exited the place, not daring to look anyone in the face.” – Cherie Lee, 23

“I hooked up with this guy and all seemed normal until midway through when he asked to be fingered in the ass. THREE fingers. He was very specific.” – Tess, 24

“He got really emotional, started crying, and just kept asking me to hold him. It wasn’t a disaster, but it was definitely very, very weird.” – Kate, 26

“I went home with this guy and he insisted I stay the night and he’ll send me home in the morning. Come the next morning, I got dressed, smelling like the floor of a brewery, and I found out he lives with his parents. I had breakfast with him and his parents like a dysfunctional family scene in a movie. Why would you invite a girl over and make her stay the night when you live with your parents?!” – Sam, 25

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