6 Bad Skincare Habits You Should Ditch Now!

We aren’t all blessed with the flawless skin gene (unfortunately). And while we know that skincare is important for that radiant glow, did you know that you’re probably self-sabotaging your skin? Whether you make the occasional slip up or are a constant repeat offender, here are the common blunders and how to rectify them.


Moisturisers that fit your skin type should feel comfortable on the skin and not have a greasy feel to it. A day moisturiser should contain sun protection and your night cream should be used exclusively at night as they tend to be richer and more target specific. Take special care to avoid moisturising areas around the eyes as it’s easy for the sensitive skin in the area to be overwhelmed with the product and cause blockages.

Skipping your beauty sleep

If you can get tired, so can your skin. Sleep-deprived individuals show signs of it on their complexion before anything else. This is because the skin repairs itself at night – there’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep! A good sleeping pattern aside, you also should consider practising a solid beauty regime that’ll aid in your skin’s regeneration.

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Too much force

Most girls slap on a product, and vigorously rub it in. But the eye area needs smaller amounts than other parts of the face, as well as a gentler pressure, since the skin is fine and delicate. As for the rest of the face, apply creams from the neck up using semi-firm upward movements. Always work against gravity, never with!

Too much product

A common mistake is changing products too often. Products need time, often months, to truly show effect. But if a product doesn’t agree with your skin, stop using it immediately. Also, be sure to follow the instructions on bottles clearly, as thicker coats of any product, will only result in clogged pores and products wastage – your skin can only absorb so much.

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Rushing it

Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen – rinse and repeat daily? Well, you need to be careful with the time you spend between slapping on your skincare essentials. When using a serum, it’s important to let it sink in before applying your moisturiser. Otherwise, the goodness from the serum gets diluted by the moisturiser, and your skin doesn’t get to reap the ultimate benefits.

Neglecting your peepers

Age catches up with your eyes and the skin around it faster than the rest of the face. This makes eye creams an essential part of your skincare routine. Most people overlook the need for an eye cream at a young age, but it is a necessity from age 20 onwards. Shocked?

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