6 Ways To Prevent Weight Gain During The Festive Season

There’s always a holiday or festive period right around the corner where there’s plenty of eating and drinking involved. And that means it’s the epitome of weight gain. Don’t beat yourself over it though; we’ve got your back! Here are some ways to avoid packing on those dreaded pounds when indulging is right up everyone’s alley.


Get your friends and family involved
Trying to lose weight isn’t any fun when everyone around you seemingly is tucking into everything. Why not make it a competition with your family or friends by setting a starting date and ending date with them? Everyone can contribute some money and at the end of it, the people who manage to keep within a certain weight range, like 2 pounds from their starting weight, get to split the money. Then you will feel more motivated to not overindulge.

Drink water before meals
Studies confirm that drinking half a litre of water thirty minutes before meals helps you feel fuller and even helped dieters lose 44% more weight. Drinking water alone can boost metabolism by up to 30%, thus burning off additional calories.

Have a pre-party snack
Chips, cheesy dips, cookies, kuih and those love letters…avoid the urge of grabbing those party snacks by opting for a healthier one. Prepare yourself a nutritious option to eat pre-party, such as fruit, a handful of nuts or vegetables and a healthy dip. That way you won’t be starving and wanting to eat everything in sight once you get there.

Distract yourself
When at a party or gathering, don’t hang around the food table. Instead, engage in a conversation with someone, which will help you take your mind off food. And with the time spent interacting, you’ll meet new people and cut down on your calories too.

Limit Alcohol
Avoid drinking too much alcohol at holiday parties. The calories will add up, plus the more you have, the more likely you’re not going to care about what you eat later. That’s usually when extra helpings or supper happens, trust us. If you feel like you need something to sip on, go for the juices or water so that you’ll have something healthier in your hand.

Use smaller plates
When dinner is served buffet-style, use the smallest plate available and don’t stack your food; limit your helpings to a single story. A smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you really are. And when you’re choosing your food, avoid the processed, fried and battered options. Choose food that’s as fresh as possible and watch for the dishes that are heavily saucy, curries and rendang.


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