7 Tech Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Did you know that you can…

…Log out of Facebook remotely?

Never fear getting hacked (and save yourself from getting teased) – even if you forget to log out on someone else’s computer. From the drop-down menu on the upper right corner, just go to Settings > Security > When You’re Logged In. From this screen, you’ll be able to close an open session, on whichever device it’s still running on.

…Mute an email thread?

Got looped into an email thread that you wished you’d never opened? You’re in luck because there’s now a simple solution to this suffering. If you’re using Gmail, click on the “More” tab at the top of the email, and then the mute option. In Outlook, the mute function can be found via the home tab (but it’s called “Ignore”). Muted email threads can be unmuted in case the FOMO starts rearing its ugly head.


…Compare nutritional values on Google?

Health junkies are gonna love this trick! Did you know that you can compare nutritional values between any two foods by simply Google-searching “[name] vs [name]”?? We tried it with “banana vs papaya” and got this…

—Adjust the volume in smaller increments?

If you like your volume to be just right then you’ll notice that getting it perfect on a Mac may be pretty tricky. When you have this problem, just hold down ⌥ and ⇧ as you tap the volume buttons and you’ll notice that the volume increment isn’t as drastic.


…Stream music while browsing other apps?

Oh, the pain of being stuck to a website while listening to music on your iPhone! Avoid that by streaming your audio or video in Safari, then go to your homescreen and swipe up from the bottom to access the Control Center. From there, press play – problem solved!

…Use Preview to create a digital signature?

Instead of signing hardcopies, just use Preview on Mac to create a digital signature. Go to the Tools menu in Preview, then choose Annotate > Signature > Manage Signatures, and a Signature Capture dialog box will appear. Use your mouse to sign that autograph.

Text: Joceline Yan

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