7 Times 7/11 Saved Our Lives

Happy 7/11 Day, folks!

Traditionally, 7/11 is celebrated on the 11th of July (11/7) which is the official birthday of the convenience store. In Malaysia, we celebrate by giving out free slurpees with a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) rule on the 7th of November (7/11)!

To mark this joyous occasion, we’re gonna pay tribute to all the times the combination of the colours green, red and white served as our shining beacon of hope.

Is God answering my prayers? Nope, it’s just 7/11 to the rescue.


Late night munchies.

You make that late night walk because if you’re anything like me, you’re just constantly hungry. Those instant pot noodles are calling out your name and the array of crisps are there to settle your munchies craving.


24-hour protection.

Look, there’s no need to be shy about this. All those times you were out of protection and just couldn’t settle the satisfaction of hormonal tension another time?

Your guardian angel awaits.


Party all night long.

The party don’t stop when you are around.

You’ve shifted the party to your place but you didn’t expect such a big group to tag along at the end of the night — fear not, your 24-hour alcohol supplier is here for you.



The iconic 7/11 game changer that marked your childhood. Nowadays, you relive your innocent days of achieving a green-stained tongue by slurping on that saviour of a ‘Big Gulp’ cup on a blazing hot day.


Emergency cash.

Ran out of cash? Banks closed and not an ATM in sight?

However, far off into the horizon you spot a faint glare of bright green and white neon lights; hope has been restored!


Walk of shame supplies.

You’ve had your dose of ‘WTF’ after last nights antics and desperately need a pick-me-up.

You leave the foreign accommodation and stumble into a part of town you are unfamiliar with. Perhaps you have a wander before calling an Uber and magically, out in the distance you spot familiarity, comfort and warmth — your temporary home to help salvage the hot mess that you’re in right now.


Last minute breakfast.

You’ve opened the fridge and found yourself out of supplies to whip up a mean breakfast in bed for your significant other? Or perhaps you just needed that quick brekkie-to-go?

Fret not! Your saviour to kick off your day on the right foot has arrived.

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