How To Avoid The Gym And Still Keep Fit

If we’re painfully honest here, signing for the gym can be a real drag. Just sitting through the sales spiel can be quite confusing, the terms and conditions usually get your head spinning and in the grand scheme of things, they’re so darn expensive. (Whyyyy?)

Oh well, who needs the gym any way? You can get fit for much less money — and have a load of fun too! Some are even free. We’ve found some very very amazing alternatives to signing away your salary for a gym subscription you’ll never use.

Instead of Squats, try… Rollerblading

Toned butts have been the new black ever since Queen Bey booty-bounced her way into our lives way back, and when Kimmie broke the Internet. Squats may help us achieve a butt that Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud of, but they can be repetitive. Rollerblading is an ultra-fun, no-gym-required alternative that targets, tones and tightens your butt, as well as your back and inner-thighs. If that wasn’t enough, blading is seriously fun.

Some great spots for rollerblading include Lake Gardens and the Kompleks Rakan Muda Bukit Kiara Skate Park.

Instead of the Treadmill, try… Fun Runs

We get it — usually the words “fun” and “run” aren’t something you’d put into a sentence together. However, running increases strength, tone and endurance. Instead of the treadmill, get moving by participating in events like The Color Run. You’ve seen it on Insta — at every kilometre of the 5km dash, participants are doused with coloured powder. Who knew that simply adding colour would make running so much fun?

Follow running groups on Facebook or keep track of major yearly marathons at

Instead of the stairmaster, try… Hiking

The stepper is the go-to when you want to build muscle in your legs or glutes. Similarly, hiking is great exercise that strengthens and improves cardiorespiratory fitness (including your heart, lungs and blood vessels). You can take it to the next level by hiking — it’s good for your physical health, and gives you plenty of fresh air and sunshine, too.

There are plenty of hiking trails to try around you, but we see a lot of posts of people heading up Broga Hill, Semenyih and Bukit Tabur at Taman Melawati. Always hike in a group.

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Instead of weights, try… Rock-climbing

Despite the stigma surrounding women lifting weights, they won’t make you bulky. There are actually so many benefits from using them, such as increasing your body’s strength and toning up. Likewise, rock-climbing and abseiling are stereotyped to be for adrenaline junkies, but these activities have similar pros, which include improving your strength, agility and not to mention your confidence as you literally scale mountains (or walls).

Check out Camp5 at One Utama; it’s actually Asia’s largest climbing gym! Call 03-77260410 for more information.




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