Most Awkward Tinder Meet Compilation

Tinder meet gone wrong? Honey, we’ve all been there, and they never even had to be from Tinder to begin with! I feel as if Tinder dates that have gone right, would be more of an anomaly, but what fun is that.

Disclaimer – for the sake of everyone’s privacy, the names have been changed, but I vouch that each and everyone one of these stories came from a different, and very real human being.

They all range from your standard, to cringe, to flat out WTF experiences. My advise – brace yourself, brethren…


1. Falling Short On Love.

“Back in London, I matched up with an Argentinian guy who I had great chemistry with. Finally decided that it was time to meet up – got dolled up, wore my killer inch heeled boots, walked into the restaurant and noticed that he was significantly shorter than I was….

I figured I shouldn’t be so superficial, I mean he was cute enough and I really was wearing heeled boots. We already got on so well, so give the guy a shot. Decided to have dinner anyways, and had such a great time, until…. he got up for the loo. I still couldn’t look past it, even if I could’ve quite easily looked past (more like over) him.. ahem.. lulz” – Ilya.


2. Surprise Birthday Party.

“I was at a friend’s birthday party when I noticed there was a really cute and new face in the group. It took me a good few seconds, but as I sat down, I realised he was someone I literally just matched on Tinder.

I told my friend, who then publicly pointed it out, thinking it would help nudge us both. The guy totally pretended he knew nothing of it, and introduced himself in further denial. The whole night was awkward asf after.” – Lisa.


3. Looking Down Memory Lane.

“This wasn’t the first time we met. I know, weird, until you hear the rest of this.. I wasn’t looking for any commitments – a girl can have a good time too, right? The cutest French guy I matched on Tinder agreed to meet up, and let’s just say his moves… weren’t up to par.

I left it at that, and never contacted him again after his wave of clingy messages. Almost a year down the line, I’m out catching up with some old friends when I realise the guy on the next table keeps looking over.

I didn’t think anything of it until he’s done settling his bill, gets up to walk over, and sarcastically says “thanks for calling me back” before storming off with his group of friends. Don’t judge me!” – Eleen.


4. Catfished By A Man – I’m A Straight Man.

“The pics on her Tinder profile had a little inconsistency in them, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking pictures can actually do that sometimes. She baited me over with a home cooked dinner, and I paid no mind until a full address followed the offer 5 mins after.

Convinced I was gonna get lucky, I marched over, only to be received by a lone man at the door. I knew right then that I’d been catfished, but didn’t know how to deal in the situation so I followed the guy in to not be impolite! We actually ended up having some good conversations! I’m actually quite glad I did not get any that night.” – Andy


5. Mediterranean Summer Fling.

“Loved this Italian match on Tinder, because he seemed so mature and put together for a 34 year old. We planned a dinner date to finally meet up, but when I arrived at the location, I was greeted by a grey haired, stubby little man.

He explains he used random model pics he found online, because he didn’t want to come across any colleagues who would’ve recognised him. We sit down, and get to talking, and starts heavily suggesting he wants to be more than friends. ERK, thanks, but no thanks”. – Anne


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6. Chariot Of Fire.

“So, formalities aside, we matched and promptly started talking. Not very long after that we were already planning the age old Malaysian past time of Mamak, or so I thought. I usually only pick up someone after meeting them for the first time, but this one insisted on me being her chariot, (pfft, more like Tinder Uber).

We ended up running a “few” errands first – I legit picked up her family’s dry cleaning, and after having to send that home, was forced to stay at the place and help with moving around furniture. Finally, thinking that earned my right to some righteous mamak food, she’d asked for one more thing – to pick something up from one of her older brothers…. who turned out to be her ex. Just no.” – Ned.


6.  I Keep Bleeding Love.

“I’m hung up over a fresh break-up, and didn’t want to sleep alone that night. Matched with a hot asf guy, thinking omg best way to get back at my ex.

We meet up, and obviously start getting down to business. He’s on top of me when BAM, I feel a drip drip on my face – his nose is bleeding. I’m frantically wiping it off my face, pleading in the most polite way possible to stop, but he doesn’t!” – Neena.


7. Stuck On You.

“This guy had the perfect dimples. He was attentive on our chats, held great conversations, and did I mention he had the cutest dimples ever??

Met him at a bar and first noticed he was struggling to come down from a high bar stool – uh oh, he’s short. OK, fine, overlook that cos, his substance was already amazing, and he was handsome! I ride it out, and when the bill comes, he was nice enough to pay. I avert my eyes for some reason, but was taken aback by the deafening sound….. of velcro.



8. I Will Follow Youuuu…

“After ONE meet with this Tinder match, he rocks up at my KLIA arrival as a surprise. I would’ve thought the gesture sweet and all, but I’m pretty damned sure I hadn’t given him any of my flight details, apart from casually mentioning the date I’d be flying home.

Mind you, this guy is Singaporean, and had no business in KL… When I asked him why he was there, he said it was only because he missed me, and that he waited all day at the arrival gates for each incoming flight, before professing his love for me. This ain’t Disney, bruhhh!” – Sofia.


9. Is This How Women Feel?? :/

“I pick this girl up from her work place, cos we hit it off on chat right, and when she gets in the car, she looks like a totally different person. OK, not entirely, but the angles that she took were major deceiving! Her vibe is totally off, we barely speak in the car, and when I asked her where she’d wanted to hangout, she was insistent at a park.

OK, roll with it. We reach, and she’s aggressively trying to…. what’s the right term – get busy. Honestly, I voiced out how it was making me uncomfortable, but she really  wanted to get it on, so I obliged? I know how this sounds, but it left me feeling a little weird. Violated, even? IDK.” – Jay.

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