Braving Through A Music Festival Sober

If you really think about it, lots of people brave through music festivals totally sober. If they can do it, why can’t I? When the news came out about how there would be NO ALCOHOL served at Rockaway 2016, I was torn between totally understanding why, and not wanting to go at all… But my high school memories won over, and I ended up going, praying that Taking Back Sunday would only play Louder Now.

Yeah, their album circa ’05/’06 – I know, highly unlikely but a girl can hope! Their set was scheduled for 8.30PM, so no rush. I met up with some friends at my boyfriend‘s tattoo studio; one more client, so I wait… Or I could go down for a pre-drink or two?




Parked at the bar downstairs now, and sipping on my GnT. We were a couple of drinks in when I realised it was already 8pm. All good, was having just the right kind of buzz, and Russ (the boyfriend) texted saying he was just about done. We all hopped into one car, and made our way to Bukit Jalil Stadium, excited as hell to get to it!

Upon arrival, we manage to find a parking spot that’s “close” to the venue. There were a whole bunch of people walking in and out from an “entrance” so we follow suit. A pic from our hike up…


OK, to be entirely fair, this shot was taken by accident. But it really was very dark! The music from the gig was sounding clearer – we’re close! About 5 mins in, a guy stops us to try and scalp off some tickets. We ended up asking him how far more of a walk it was going to be. “Almost there”, while pointing us over to a steep assed hill.

By the time we reach the media registration booth, I’m out of breath and sober. Yes, you read right, with a workout like that, I’d be surprised if anyone were to not even break a sweat. My body was billigerent in removing whatever remnants of alcohol I had left in me – back at square one.

All I wanted was the loo, and a cold drink. Taking Back Sunday was already on, but they were playing something from  their 2016 album, so priorities. We bumped into some friends on the way there, and they tell us that there’s no more water. There was, however, an odd asian fruity drink, as shown in the pic below.

Navin, Tasha, and Anwar.


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We made due, and pushed our way into the crowd, but TBS was still on with their stuff from Tidal Wave *rolls eyes*. Almost losing al hope of salvaging the night, THIS happens..

YASSSSS. I’m feeling it, when my sober self realises Adam Lazzara’s gone off tune just a wee bit..

I’m already pretty much halfway to being transported back to when my cousin and I had emo fringes, wore rings of black bands up ’til our elbows, and hated the world –  I let it go.


TBS’s set is over, and everyone’s shifting over to the next stage, readying for what’s to come with Third Eye Blind. The lights come on, and what a sight, I tell ya!

They started out looking really promising.

Until Steven Jenkins got a little too close for comfort with his words… OK, it could’ve just been me being a spoilt sport, but the lack of enthusiasm within the crowd was apparent (at least from where I was standing). 😛

Anwar came here just for 3BE; not sure how he’s feeling here..

3BE must’ve noticed it so they started rolling with their classics.


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I’d honestly like to say that the night ended with a high note, but if we’re being frank, I was tired, even sweatier than before, and not feeling any of it by the time they were done with their set. When I think about it though, I really don’t think it was the lack of alcohol that made it feel like the night came up short. The Used was down in 2013, and I cried my eyeballs out when Bert’s soothing voice enveloped the dark feelings I kept buried inside my broken soul with On My Own.

Final verdict – choose your type of bands, not the type of drink!

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