Celebrity Riot Girls That Are Changing The World

It’s an effortless task to be embittered with fame and pop culture. But it’s easy to pick out which celebrity utilize stardom  to raise consciousness about the environment. I’m not talking about pre-set up guest appearances, we’re here to go through some serious bad-assery these ladies take a stand for – off the red carpet.

1. Shailene Woodley

We all know Shailene as an actress in numerous top-rated films, like the character Tris Prior in the Sci-Fi series, Divergent. What you probably don’t know is that she is an outspoken environmental activist that has been fighting for a protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline in North Dakota, keeping Bernie Sanders’ message alive. In a peaceful protest last month, this trooper was arrested alongside others who attended the demonstration, charged for criminal trespassing.

(image: CNN Politics)

2. Claire Boucher A.K.A. Grimes

Canadian Pop Artist, Grimes has always been an electric persona as an independent artist in the music industry. Outside her work and music interests, she is a vocal activist on social media speaking out on topics like sexism where she criticized the male dominated pop-production system as “… a pretty hostile environment” in an interview with The Rolling Stone. Grimes’ political stance have also raised awareness across social media platforms where she expresses her feelings on how mainstream media was projecting Canada’s elections last year. She clearly sums up her opinions in an interview with Vice.

(image: shutterstock)
(image: shutterstock)

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3. Ellen Page

Since Juno star made came out as a lesbian woman at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference that benefits the LGBTQ youth back in 2014, she has not taken a rest on fighting for the community. Ellen has put herself front and center hosting a VICELAND project called “Gaycation” with her bestfriend Ian Daniel. In this travelogue, they set off to explore LGBTQ cultures around the globe. In one significant event, Ellen Page called out Ted Cruz, a republican presidential candidate in 2015 for discrimination against LGBTQ people.

(image: the new york times)

4. Emma Watson

As the U.N. Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, British child-actress Emma Watson introduced HeForShe, a global solidarity movement towards gender equality. Using her voice to promote women’s rights, calling upon men to join the fight to create a prejudice-free world for their sisters, mothers and daughters. Emma has continued her journey to focus on the matter by an introduction of a University Initiative to address the issue of sexual violence on college campuses this year.

(image: daily mail)

5. Miley Cyrus

Re-imagine the philanthropist image you have in your mind because Miley Cyrus has switched up her role as an activist. Miley has been on the forefront on issues like youth homelessness. She has launched a campaign Happy Hippie Foundation, committed to helping homeless young people in the United States. As controversial as Miley has been on media, it’s a fact that she has been actively pressing buttons and starting conversations. Open about her sexuality status of being a pansexual today, it’s natural for her to be an advocate for LGBTQ rights through her own struggle with gender identity under the media spotlight since she first started acting in 2006. Our wacky child-actress has come a long way!

(image: Shutterstock)
(image: Shutterstock)

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