#CLEOBeautyBreakdown: Lash Extensions by Fabulash

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are addicted to eyelash extensions and the ones who are too apprehensive to try. #TeamCLEO lash extensions newbies Fika and Meghan and self-proclaimed lash extensions veteran Mel weigh in on how Fabulash compares to other beauty salons.

Before we go on with our thoughts, we spoke to Pink, the managing director of Fabulash, to learn more about their business and passion.

When did Fabulash start and how did the business idea come about?
We started on the 1st of June 2017, slightly more than 7 months ago. The idea came about when I made friends with lash experts who were working in the lash and nail industry. We wanted people to enjoy quality products and services at an honest and competitive price. And of course, we wanted to make women feel beautiful. So we decided to start Fabulash as a place where women come to get great lashes and beautiful nails.

You mentioned that Fabulash strives to give back to the society. How do you do it?
The most essential part in any business to give back to the society is to firstly be good at what you’re providing. We’re always improving and striving to provide the best quality we can and be responsible with the products and materials we use. We also support and hire women from all walks of life – as long as they’re eager to learn, we’re happy to hire. We also support the Breast Cancer Foundation and help out with school charities.

What is the mantra of Fabulash?
Stay flawless and fabulous.

Now that we’ve got a bit of a background story, let’s move on to the reviews!

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Growing up, I’ve had decently long lashes. I mean they weren’t exactly touching my brows but long enough that I usually get asked if I’m wearing any mascara. Nonetheless, I was always jealous of my cousins who had naturally long and thick lashes.

When the opportunity to try on lash extensions arose, I jumped at the opportunity! Despite the excitement bubbling in me, I was super nervous as well as I am really weird about people going near my eyes.

So when we first walked in, we were greeted by the receptionist at the front desk. We were then told to fill out a form and to choose what kind of style we preferred. Being a first timer, I sought the advice of owner, Pink, in what type of lashes would suit me.

I was recommended to go for C curl, something that wasn’t too curled as I have heavily hooded eyelids as well as semi deep set eyes.

We were led to a space with couches lined up next to each other and there was a pillow and a super comfy blanket. My last technician tested out the C curl lashes on me and once I had agreed with it, she set to work.

Let me tell you something about the service at Fabulash, it was heavenly. I kid you not, I fell asleep (like deep sleep for at least an hour) while the technician worked her magic on my lashes. The only downside to that part was that out of the 3 of us that went that day for extensions, I took the longest. What is normally an hour plus took nearly 3 hours to be done. My lash technician then joked and said that I had so many lashes for her to glue the extensions to.

When I had them on at the beginning, I felt really weird. I was so aware that there was something on my eyelashes. But wow, they looked good – I looked good! Despite being lash extensions, they actually looked really natural, like they were my own. I loved it.

You’re warned not to get your eyes wet for the next 24 hours to let the glue dry properly and not to wear mascara so that you wouldn’t have to tug on your extensions to remove the mascara. With the proper care, I got my extensions to last about 3 weeks and it could have gone on longer if I had not started scratching my eyes like normal mid way through week 2.

— Meghan Angelic Paul, Web Writer

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