Coming Out Of A Long Term Relationship – I Got You, Girl

Coming out of a long term relationship is not exactly one of the easiest things to go through. And although I can empathise with that gut wrenching feeling of loneliness and unfamiliarity enveloping one’s soul, I’ve only ever been in your position one other time in my life. Truth is, even if I’ve been through a similar bag of emotions, I won’t be able to feel what you are feeling at this exact point of time.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand it when people ask me if I’m OK – cos obviously, I’m not. I can only try to relate, and guess how you feel before working my way in to make you feel better. All I know, is to be there for you – to be a friend, and to help occupy your thoughts if not just for a little while. What do ya say we find some stuff to do then, babs?

First, we’re gonna have the longest ever 90s cartoon marathon.

Power Puff Girls

Everything from late night Nickelodeon, to Disney, to Cartoon Network – we’re covering all grounds here. If we’re gonna look back, we might as well fill some parts of our night with nostalgia that makes you feel good.

We’re obviously cracking open a bottle (or bottles) of wine.


You’re gonna spillin’, alright – more fermented grape juice into your glass, and into your mouth! Now, you know I’m more of a Malbec kinda girl, but I’ll take a bullet just for you. We don’t have to talk about feelings and all that jazz. I can’t tell your healing will actually happen, but I’ll make damn sure that I’m there if you want to.

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After all of that, we can start welcoming the munchies!

Screw just having ice cream. Waffles, maple syrup, chips in 4 different flavours, PIJJAAAAA, cookies, chocolates – we’re going all out with junk and comfort foods! And hey, if you’ve still got no appetite, then wouldn’t watching your homegirl consume al of that unsaturated fat and carbs make you feel a whole lot better about yourself? :3

If you’d rather not stay in, and have a night out, well boy that sure makes my life a whole lot easier! LOL.

You have my word, that I’ll support, and diffuse every bad decision you make tonight.

Our sober selves are gonna be responsible  – we’re not driving, and you’re staying at mine! Or not, if you know what I mean. Hehe..

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