Creative Ways To Keep Your Phone Organised

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

It’s too easy to look over the fact you probably have 7 pages on your mobile home screen with about apps scattered almost at random per page. I find it so difficult to find a specific app I barely use and I’ll have to sift through those 7 pages and even if I organise them, it never seems to look as visually appealing as I wish it would.

So if you understand and basically went ‘Guuuuurl, that’s me!’ then honey, we’ve got a few solutions to solve your struggle.

Here are 5 creative ways to keep your phone organised:

1. Colour Code
Image: Mashable Asia

Now if you’ve used an app often enough, you will know every single detail of it, including how the app looks like. One way to keep it organised, arrange according to colour! It’s pretty, organised and you get to satisfy every inch of your OCD.

2. Fold Em’
Image: Mashable Asia

Arrange them into folders depending on their function! But then again that’s what everyone does. How to jazz ’em up? Set the name of the folder to how you would use them! Don’t get what I’m saying? Just label them as such; all your social media apps would be under ‘Share’, camera and editing apps would be under ‘Photograph’, apps such as Spotify would be under ‘Listen’ and etc. The possibilities are endless!

3. A, B, C, D, E….
Image: Mashable Asia

Don’t like folders? Wanna display all your apps proudly? Here’s another idea, arrange them in an ascending OR descending alphabetical order! Cool right? It keeps things interesting and you know if you’re looking for Whatsapp, it would be waaaaay at the back cause W comes after V and before X. Hey, who knows, it might even help you remember your ABC’s!

4. Picture Perfect
Image: Mashable Asia

Let’s say you have a picture of your pet looking absolutely adorable on your home screen, you definitely wanna be able to look at it’s adorable face! So what do you do? Have a few pages so that your folders can sit comfortably WITHOUT blocking your baby’s captivating eyes. Organise the folders so that the apps that you use frequently would be in the first page and the other folders would be spread out evenly throughout the other pages. Just make sure to remember that in all your pages, the folders aren’t blockin’ anything!

5. Theme Conga Line
Image: Mashable Asia

Say whuuut? If you’re a simple person, with a handful of apps per function then here’s a fun one for you. Create themed rows! First row could be your social media row; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Second row could be photography; camera, VSCO, photogrid, camera360 and pixlr. It is completely up to you and how you wanna arrange em!



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