How To DIY And Personalise Party Favours For Your Party Guests

Everything’s a competition these days; even with party favours! The best kinds are always the ones that are personalised with a little bit of extra love. Here are a few fun ideas to impress your guests, and be the talk of the town for not only throwing a rad party, but for your attention to detail too.


1. Bubbles


As childish as this may seem, bubbles are always good fun, whether you’re alone, or with some friends!


  1.  Buy bubble bottles of your choice in bulk.
  2. Print out, or even hand write personalised notes.
  3. Punch hole in notes.
  4. Use yarn to needle through the hole, and tie around neck of bubble bottle.


2. Balloons


Balloons are a great way to kill two birds with one stone! You can use them as party decorations, and hand them out to your guests as favours once the party is over. Sounds a bit drab though, no? That’s why you personalise them with a little surprise!


  1. Decide if you want to go with helium or air blown balloons.
  2. Based on your choice in step 1, pick out small enough goodies to stuff into the deflated balloons. Nothing too heavy if you’re going with helium! We recommend sweets or chocolates, along with confetti for that added pezzaass!
  3. Head over to a store to pump up your helium balloons, and if you reckon you’re capable with the air blown ones, then by all means go nuts. Disclaimer: Your cheeks might go numb for a week.
  4. Finish off your party favours with a printed note “POP ME”, tied onto the balloons with ribbons.


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3. Bottles


This little guy’s great for when you’re having anything beach or water themed! If you’re a collector of seashells, and have no more space to store them as well, this fun party favour project is a stellar way to give those babies a whole new purpose.


  1. Buy glass bottles in bulk (sites like alibaba are a great way to find these things).
  2. While waitng for your shipment, source out some of your favourite poems, haikus, or “fortunes” if you like even, for your message in a bottle.
  3. Print out your messages according to the size of your bottles.
  4. Roll your messages up into little scrolls, and tie them up with string.
  5. Squeeze your messages, and whatever else you’d like into your bottles, and you’re set!


4. Booze


Probably my favourite type of party favour, but I’ll have to let you know, it can be a pricey door gift!


  1. You’ll have to first source out where you can buy miniature/travel sized bottles of alcohol of your preference. I would suggest something shot worthy, like patron, or vodka (eww) if that’s your vice.
  2. Source and print out some cute party quotes that would be able to fit around the bottle.
  3. Using PVA glue, stick on the notes to the bottle. Then, layer the note that’s stuck on with a coat of PVA glue.


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Fun party gifts don’t always have to be too much work, ey?


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