How To Fashion When You Have Short-People Problems

I am about 5′ ft ‘2 and as I’ve reached my 20’s I can confirm that I truly am vertically challenged, as some folks would say.

If you whine about your height and you don’t have to go through at least one day of the week with someone resting their elbow on your shoulder, just close this tab. No fakes here, please.

To be honest, it’s not such a drag to be shorter than you norms out there. Especially being asian, I think it’s expected for us to be tiny. I guess. 20 Years of shopping and being in denial has taught me to work around my height. I’ve adapted to my body type and when I enter a store, I know what to look for. Obviously, I avoid the jumpsuit rack altogether because… what’s the point?

Although I have to give props to the petite section available at stores like Topshop, Miss Selfidge… ya’ll are the real MVP’s.

Short-people problems and how to werrrrk your way out of it:

1. Jeans That Are Way Too Long

“Ooooh cute jeans!” followed by me quickly turning away as soon as I unfold it from the display table to see how long it is. It’s frustrating and tedious to always have to send it over to a tailor to just cut off a few inches.

This is me, after shopping at the normal people section

Topshop has a specific line for petite jeans and they are truly a life saver. They usually fit me perfectly and to be fair they’re good quality jeans with all types of different washes to choose from. Or, you could venture into the world of “cropped” or “ankle-length” trousers at Uniqlo. They’re supposed to hang above the ankle of a person with average normal height, but instead you can wear it as a full-length. Another option is my favourite one of all, invest in culottes. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. It’s every short person’s kryptonite!

2. T-Shirts That Don’t Fit Your Torso

I’m a sucker for band t-shirts and plain ones in pastel colours, they always grab my attention from the rack wherever I go. But it doesn’t belong in my closet, I know this, the shirt knows this. THE CASHIER AT THE STORE JUDGING MY PURCHASES – KNOWS THIS. Yet, I always end up with countless t-shirts I never wear or end up cutting in half.


Look out for boxy t-shirts instead of the normal-cut ones. They usually fit nicely on petite bodies. Definitely a great item to pair with jeans on a casual day out. If not, break out a pair of scissors and get snipping! Be sure to do it correctly according to your height. You don’t want to be wasting a cute t-shirt into a crop top you’d rather be killed than to be spotted wearing out.

3. The Kids Section Does Not Care About Your Boobs

Everyone suggests the same thing over and over again, “Just shop at the kids section. It’s cheaper!” Hold up, you guys probably only say this because you have NEVER shopped at the children’s isle and probably don’t have kids. Less cloth does not equal less expensive in most cases. Mothers out there can back me up on this. Tops also usually only fit up to my neck before my boobs completely shatter my dreams of telling people I shop at GAP Kids.


You either go extra large on the size or skip the tops entirely. Focus on leggings and bottoms instead. Shop for more unconventional items that you can never find your size in the adults section like overalls, jumpsuits or rompers.




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