Happy Birthday, Alicia Keys!

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

Happy Birthday, Alicia Keys! 

Can we just stop for a minute to appreciate that this bombshell just turned 36?!

Keys prompted the #nomakeup thread on Instagram which garnered 5 million responses from other men and women around the world.

Feelin' it today on @TheEllenShow! So much ? and ???!! #AliciaIsHERE

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In a moving letter for Lena Dunham’s Lenny, Alicia Keys explained how she felt about the media’s definition of sexy meant being naked. Many have wondered what are the real reasons behind her sudden bare face and there have been multiple speculations but here are the reasons as told by her:

Imperfection Is A Nightmare

After being in the limelight for so many years, Keys felt that everything seemed so superficial. The industry demanded everything from her. Her life, her thoughts, her looks, her soul, everything. Keys perception of beauty and standards had been altered and there came a time that she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Reflected Insecurities

The music written by Keys had started to change. It began evolving around her thoughts of changing, of showing who she really is. In her song, “When A Girl Can’t Be Herself”, she wrote

“Who says I must conceal what i’m made of / Maybe all this Maybelline is covering my self-esteem.”

There are no issues between Keys and Maybelline. Heck, she has no issues with people who do wear make-up, in fact Keys still has a passion for make-up! The need to not satisfy the industry or worry about how she looked when she’s out of the house has made her stronger in her stance.

Life Changing Photo-shoot

Like every other celebrity, Keys spends her spare time working out and keeping fit. One day, after one of her gym sessions, she went straight to a photoshoot and photographer, Paola Kudacki wanted to capture Keys as how she was to reflect the raw and real music on her album.

Well, all I have to say is “You do you, boo! Keep rockin’ that bare face and don’t let anyone bring you down!” 

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