Horror Eyebrow Stories

We all have a horror eyebrow story. Whether it’s a phase you went through, you just learnt how to (not very well) pluck or tried out brow waxing for the first time – you’re not human if you’ve never had a bad relationship with your brows.

We’ve compiled some stories from Reddit and these are their stories:

Awkward Tween

“When I was like 10 or 11 I had this step mom who was ALL about “natural beauty” and would never let me wear make up or do anything to my hair or eyebrows or be cute in anyway possible. Now, I realize I was 10 but I was a competitive cheerleader and I was on a team with high schoolers so it was a big deal for me to be able to look like them and blah blah blah. So anyway, my eyebrows were ATROCIOUS and I wanted to do something about it so I was like hmm maybe if I take a razor I can clean up the bottoms a little bit. NOPE, took one swipe and took more than half of my eyebrow off. Took months to grow back.” – aaba236

“I doubt my eyebrows will ever look the way I want, but in middle school I had sperm-shaped ones for a couple months. I had just learned to shape and pluck and went tweezer-happy. I wanted thin, arched brows like my friends. Turns out Asians have different eyebrows and I should just go with what I have. In high school, I would shave my brows with an actual leg razor due to laziness and it made them look like the stereotypical Korean brows, which isn’t bad, but they were not popular at all at the time and a classmate pointed it out in front of everyone that my eyebrows look weird lol. I also used a waxing strip in the unibrow area that was too big and ended up taking off too much of the inner brows – they never grew back the same 🙁 and unrelated to eyebrows, but in middle school (sigh) I tried a depilatory cream and had a red upper lip for a few days. Wasn’t allowed to wear foundation so I tried piling on tinted moisturizer and powder to no avail. Oh, to be an awkward teen…” – avatarkai

The Long Journey To Happiness

“I was real young I can’t remember. I wanted to get my eyebrows done cause my schoolmates were bullying me about my unibrow, brow thickness and upper lip hair. Bastards called me ‘mustaschio’ 🙁

I wanted to trim one of the inner corners. So I did. Too much. Rest of my brow was okay, but it was like, the inner corner where the hair usually goes up… That was non existent.

When that grew back, mom started doing my eyebrows for me. But she didn’t brow map me. And her own brows were stuck in the 80’s (she’s agreed to let me try on her now). So she made them round and thin.

Then I discovered threading. And that’s where it all went down hill. This isssss between 9th to 12th grade. I went thinner and thinner cause hey I like not having two slugs on my face! It was a relief. Thin and very nice pronounced arch! Awesome. Until… They were just thin and crooked and short. People say your eyebrows may not look like twins, but they’re likely to look like sisters, or something like that. Yeah no. Mine weren’t even related. Absolute catastrophe. They were incredibly thin and uneven. Meh.

2012, get retail job. Find out about benefit brow bar. Pay $20 to get brows arched and shaped and I’ll be damned, this girl brought My eyebrows back to liiiiiife. I had to wait for them to grow back, but it was okay cause they did grow back enough to shape them.

I left the mall job. Didn’t want to wait in traffic for the mall and for the benefit brow bar. Bought a waxing kit. Tried every way to shape my eyebrows. My left one is perfect. My right one is getting there. It’s good in… Volume… I guess? Just… Kinda short. But still. It’s been a LOOOONG journey.” – Candyheart_buttplug


“Accidentally bleached them completely white, they were invisible!! Hysterically laughed when first looked in the mirror! Took maybe 2 month to grow back. Not a complete disaster though, just had to do them every morning.” – wireless_woman

“I used to overpluck my brows as a teen. Then I shaved them off from age 18 till early twenties. They have yet to grow back right and I’m 30.” – LadyMiseryAli


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