How Long Do Your Fave Makeup Products REALLY last?

For the longest time, my teenage self was convinced that makeup lasts forever – that there was no expiration date to it, and that I could keep an opened tube, or pot, or jar for however long I wished. Then my skin retaliated in pimple protest and it finally hit me; maybe makeup can expire. It’s fine admitting you’ve had a similar experience, I mean, it’s probably why you’re reading this to begin with! So, let’s get to it – here’s a simple guide on when to throw out that makeup.



I’m gonna start off with the simplest, and easiest way to tell if your makeup needs to go. If it smells bad, then it ain’t rad! Think of makeup like food – If your nose is picking up an off putting smell from whichever beauty item you’ve saved from half the eternity before, it’s highly probable that it’s time to chuck it. It goes the same with finding a little mould in a pot, or a weird looking film that’s developed over the product. If the food analogy doesn’t work, then think of a body; You don’t want to keep a decaying body around when it’s way past its due. BURY IT. GET RID OF IT.



Put on your reading glasses

If you’re using makeup or any other form of cosmetics, you’ll notice that it almost always comes packed with a little folded piece of paper in its box. This, my friend, are not only the ingredients of what makes up the makeup, but a guide on how to store and keep your items as well! According to the FDA, cosmetics are not required to label expiration dates, BUT (again) if you store or keep your items the wrong way, then yes, they can get your skin reacting worse than it usually would! Take a little extra time to sit, read, and understand how to take care of your products, and you’ll be amazed and how much longer they can last.


Dirty Details

Another rule to stick by is not using your hands. Although a good number makeup professionals may conquer that your fingers and hands are the best way to apply anything, but hands have germs. Our hands pretty much touch everything, transferring germs and bacteria into your product pots, tubes, and jars. If you’ve made a habit out of using your hands as applicators, always, I repeat, always wash your hands before.


Back To Basics

It really wouldn’t be a proper guide if I didn’t at least drop down some life spans of makeup, right? Did some research, and found a nifty dummies guide that’s just what we’re all looking for!

Mascara apparently has the shortest life span once opened. I’m guessing it’s cos of the ingredients used, and when you pump the wand in and out, air bubbles get trapped in the goop. Once the seal’s been broken, your bad boy’s only gonna last up to three months before smelling hella funky.

Image: Chanel (Price: RM xxx)
Le Volume De Chanel (Price: RM120)


Eye pencils can last up to two years. Provided, you wipe the tip of your pencil off, before and after using it. Gels are my fave when it comes to getting the best end product, and to keep this baby longer, you’re gonna have to make VERY sure that you clean the applicator before and after use!

Image: Chanel (Price: RM xxx)
Calligraphie De Chanel (Price: RM120)


Eyeshadows are a bit tricky. If they’re liquid, it’s likely that they’ll last only a year, but with powders, you can keep them for two years before they start acting up as skin irritants.

Image: Chanel (Price: RM215)
Limited Edition Architectonice Eyeshadow Palette (Price: RM215)


You ought to make a habit of wiping your lipsticks down before and after applications. Unless of course, it’s your favourite colour, and they’re used up within half a year. Lonely lippy tubes and pencils can last up to two years.

Image: Chanel (Price: RM xxx)
Rouge Allure Ultra Rose (Price: RM115)


Foundations can last for only about a year. The liquid types will give up on your more obviously, as they’ll dry up on their own. Please don’t attempt to salvage them with eye drops, and especially not saliva!!

Image: Chanel (Price: RM xxx)
Perfection Lumiere Velvet (Price: RM188)


So there you have it ladies, and germs!

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