Loved-Up FB Posts: True Happiness or Insecurity?

We all have that friend who is constantly posting about her AMAZING boyfriend. You know, the one always leaving long gushy love notes on his wall referencing obscure great times they’ve had, and how much she feels #blessed? Well, no need to be jealous, because science says she’s just really really insecure.

A new study published has found that those insecure about their relationship are more likely to share “relationship-relevant information” aka all those loving couple selfies and “My bae is the best!” status updates.

The study found that on days when people felt insecure about their relationship, they were more likely to make their relationship “visible” online, hence the gushy Facebook statuses, emotional wall posts and couple selfies appearing.

But why? Well, it’s all thanks to the “pics or it didn’t happen” frame of mind we harbour today. You see, we’re all hard-wired to be social creatures, so increasing a relationship’s visibility is the go-to step to tricking the mind into feeling more confident in the relationship — after all, if people see it and they believe it, then it must be real.

It’s worth noting that previous studies have shown that sharing (and over-sharing) about a relationship on Facebook isn’t really related to a couple’s chances of success. So while people might be more likely to post when they’re feeling insecure, that doesn’t necessarily mean their relationship is doomed.

But hey, at least the next time you see all those pictures of smiling, loved-up couples on Facebook, you’ll know that you’re staring at a newsfeed full of insecurity.

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