How To Make Bath Time For Your Kitties Easier In 5 Steps

Anyone who has cats will agree with the reality that it’s a total nightmare having to carry out bath time. It’s a sad thing that we can actually relate to these next pictures all too well.

With 3 furkids, I’ve had the chance to learn from my multiple mistakes, and as much as it pains you to see how much it freaks them dafuq out, bath time has to be done. Here are 5 easy steps to take in attempt to make your life easier. Funny enough, it’ll actually feel like less effort once you’ve followed through!

1. Understand its fears

I made a major mistake with not paying more attention to what made my kittens go off. The loud sounds of the shower, and hair dryers were frightening to my babies – by not paying attention their nervous ticks, it made bath time for them a forever traumatising experience. By noting and understanding their fears, it makes your life easier.


2. Preparation is key

Loud noises, as explained in #1, can freak a kitty out. Prepare by setting up a warm bath for them, and slowly ease them into the water. Like a baby’s bath, use your elbows to check the temperature of the water. Also always make sure you cut their nails prior, to avoid giving yourself worse scratches if your kitty goes ape sh*t (my male cat ran for the curtains, climbed all the way to the top, and clung for dear life for a good 15 minutes – no exaggerations).


3. Whispers in the wind

Keep the environment as calm as possible. Cats are very sensitive to sound, but because of the way we live our daily lives, we may not notice it. Calling out their names in a positive and slightly hushed tone can help calm a frustrated kitty. I know it sounds major weird, but trust me, it helps.


4. The neck cheat

This doesn’t always work, I’ll have to be real, especially if your cats are fat asf, or they just can’t give 2 butts to give into their natural instincts to curl up and sit still. But, it is worth a shot, and can be a dream when you’re handling smaller kittens.


5. Sunbathing

Back to kitties being sensitive to loud noises – yeah, try not to freak ’em out with a hair dryer, unless they’re already used to it. My furkids won’t even have it with the vacuum set on low – they go into a psychotic frenzy at the sound because a friend once told me I had to blow dry the kittens to make sure they don’t get sick; I call BS! Pick a day that’s warm over the weekend, and allow your kittens to air dry out. Make sure you towel dry them as extensively (and gently) as you can, and they’ll naturally be drawn to the heat of the sun. This method’s actually pretty quick in our weather – 20 mins or less!

Werewolf cat. ??? #throwback #tb #bw #blackandwhite #cats #kitty #kittens

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The only proper way to finish this article, is to attach pictures of my photogenic model cats for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

HAUTE COUTURE. #bw #blackandwhite #cats #cone #kittens #kitty #nekoatsume #tabby #candid #fesyen #highfashion #hahaha #crack

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Kittyyyy. #ninjalism #nofilter

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Bagel. . . . #nofilter #rescuecat #adoptnotshop #catsofinstagram #kitten

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Kids finally getting along hehe. Happy humpday! . . . #nofilter #cats #kitty #kitten #adoptnotshop #rescuecats

A photo posted by Ezra Mei-En Chua (@ezrameienchua) on

#bath #kittybathtime brûler !

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OK, that last cat in the shower cap does not belong to me, but I found it on IG and thought it was hella cute. I reckon if you’re already here at the end, you were as tickled by it as I was! LELz! 😛

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