Four Women Share Their 10-Year Hair Journey In This Inspiring #10YearHairChallenge

What's in a mane? We sat down with these four women who shared their #10YearHairChallenge photos and spoke about their hair journeys in this special Philips Hair Talks. 

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It would be hard to deny that for most of us, our hair is our crowning glory. Our hair is so much a part of us -- it’s so wrapped up in our identity that sometimes, we don’t realise that our hair also grows with us and changes as we go through the phases of our lives.

Just like we might remember major milestones in our lives, in between, in and out, our hair is there with us (even if it is wrapped under a hijab!). You’ll probably remember that terrible hair colour you’ve ever done – even more so than your first kiss. You’ll remember that day you got “The Rachel” ‘do or the most amazing balayage -- probably even more than the details of what happened during prom or your first day of work.

It really is just all about how you felt in that given moment. And speaking about our hair can evoke so much emotion. 

So, taking on the #10YearChallenge that was all over social media, we spoke to four ladies about a #10YearHairChallenge to see where their hair was back then, their 10 year hair journey since then, and how their hair is now. We mean, if our hair could speak, imagine the things it would say!

Hit play on the video below to hear from the ladies themselves, and scroll through to see their stories.

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 loving every look – nadia rose

The memories that get stirred up! YouTuber Nadia Rose, 26, loves looking back on photos and memories of all her different hair styles.

Just call Nadia a chameleon — she has tried a myriad of hair styles, colours and looks, and she looks completely amazing in every thing she tries. She has had super crop cuts, bleached hair, pink locks, and the list goes on. “I wouldn’t be surprised if next week I’d have a completely different hair style!” Nadia says.

But just like how life is its own rollercoaster, every style Nadia chooses is like a milestone or memory that she holds with her forever. “I love looking back in photos and seeing my blue hair or green hair and knowing the stories behind it! I’ve learned so much about myself and I love that every hairstyle brings out different sides of me that I didn’t know I had. That’s very special to me,” she reveals.

So even for just some of us, just a regular dye job can affect hair and take its toll. But Nadia’s hair is quite resilient — and it’s probably in how she cares for it. She uses natural ingredients and swears by coconut oil for the natural nourishment that it imparts to hair. “My favourite thing about my hair 10 years ago, it used to be really thick and had curls. But I still love my hair now after experimenting different looks and going really wild with it. Now it’s pretty straight and I’m letting it grow and be healthy,” she said.

With short hair at the moment, Nadia loves a straight look that’s fuss-free.

What does she think about different hair lengths? “It doesn’t define who I am as a woman. Even if I have super short hair, I still feel super feminine inside,” she said proudly. And if you’re super-experimental like Nadia, your hair will need to look its best when you head out the door.

“It used to be that I couldn’t live without curls, but now I swear by having straight hair.”

That’s when a straightener like the Philips MoistureProtect Straightener can help. It’s super-quick with its heat-up time, and doesn’t apply too much pressure to hair thanks to its floating plates. Because of its constant temperature heat control and moisture protection, it’s more caring on your hair.

Nadia tried it and loved how it was so easy to use and doesn’t leave hair all crispy. “It used to be that I couldn’t live without curls, but now I swear by straighteners and having straight hair. I like that with this length of hair, my hair can be straightened quite quickly and then I’m done and out the door!”

Press play to hear all about Nadia’s experimental hair journey.

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