Memes That Understand Every Stressful Party Situation, and How To Deal When You’re In One

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, there is at least that one painful and awkward situation. WHY?! We all just want as little drama as possible!

Fret not little miss! Here’s how you can put your Domestic Goddess apron on and give Nigella a run for her money.

1. Some of your mates aren’t exactly… Mates…

Total and utter blasphemy.

Perhaps your friends are your exes have dated each other, or just that some of your friends don’t get along with others – there’s bound to be some awkward tension. If it’s your party, you obviously want them all there but it isn’t your fault if they don’t know how to be civil for one common ground: you.

But if at a time you find a situation gets heated, do not under any circumstances take sides. If you’re having a seated dinner, try and seat them as far away from each other as possible. And if it’s one of those ‘ragers’ then perhaps just get the drinks flowing…

2. “You’re allergic to beeeeef?”

So, I just found out that there is such an allergy.

What I mean is that how are you to know of allll of your guests dietary restrictions? Try and be that gracious hostess by insisting you get food delivered, or that you could whip something up that they can eat. Better yet – ask in advance when they RSVP their attendance.

3. Did your ex just walk through the door…?

Don’t talk to me because I’m obviously pondering the problems of the world while pretending not to see you. 

You invited your exes friends because you grew close to them while the two of you were dating! WHY WOULD HE SHOW UP ANYWAY?

You gotta play the game, girl. Unless you’re on good terms with them and there isn’t any awkwardness in the air anymore… be welcoming and kind but not a pushover.  If it’s your party or someone else’s, get your mates to try and act as a buffer between the two of you so you don’t end up doing something you will regret.

4. Someone overindulged on the drinks waaay too early.

Whether it’s you from your ex walking through the door or someone else at the party – you need to get your mates to help you out, or be that gracious person and make sure you get their friends to help them out, so they don’t throw up all over the place.

5. It’s a BYB and someone didn’t bring TOB (Their Own Booze)?!

Did you think you could just waltz in here thinking you could snatch up other people’s booze, buddy?

As the hostess with the most-est, this is where your special stash of booze will come in handy. Best to avoid that awkwardness. Just send them the bill later.

6. Your welcome has been overstayed, my friend.

There’s always bound to be at least one party-goer in the group who will end up wanting to go on if the party has died down. Try and read social cues, buddy!

As the hostess, all you want to do is K.O but you don’t want to be rude. Try and make some obvious efforts like cleaning up slowly and turning the music down (using your neighbours is a great excuse).

7. Wardrobe malfunction.

I’ve been in this situation so many times I’ve lost count. Once, I even had to use a stapler from a bar because the slit of my skirt somehow ended up getting waaay too high amidst the dancing.

But, now I know to always pack at least one safety pin in any bag that I decide to carry. It’s called ‘safety’ for a reason, ladies.


Sheer and utter internal panic.

I’ve also been in this situation dozens of times where my false eyelashes decided to have a life of its own and I’m sure it’s happened to you too.

You always have to pack that eyelash glue in your bag. If you didn’t bring any (you always should), ask around. You’re bound to have a girlfriend that will gladly let you borrow hers. Or if you still can’t paw some glue, just take those damn falsies off and fix your eye make up with eyeliner and mascara. Win!

9. Someone has showed up in the same outfit.

Disastrous. Although that chick obviously has good taste!

Try using the fact that the both of you showed up in the same top or dress as an ice-breaker. If you happen to be good friends, then you’ll be able to laugh it off no problem! #InstaWorthy

10. Unexpected guests.

Particularly if it’s a guy that you’ve maaaaybe matched with on a dating app and you never responded to any of his messages… Eek.

My approach would be to totally play stupid. Especially if you’re unsure if it’s actually him. In fact, it might be best to introduce yourself if you get the chance to, because technically you’re meeting for the first time, riiiiight?





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