Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Had To “Refall” For Each Other

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had to "refall" for one another when they got back together because they were no longer the same people they used to be.

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker reunited with her fiance in late 2015, two years after they split, and they had to “refall” for one another because they were no longer the same people they were when they first got together.

She said: “I needed to change so much. And changing with someone else not changing like that is too hard. Suddenly you’re like, ‘I don’t recognise you anymore.’ We had to refall for each other.”

The 24-year-old singer’s upcoming new album, ‘Malibu’, is partly inspired by her relationship with the hunky actor and she felt that has given her “power” because other people are always talking about the couple.

She explained to Billboard magazine: They’re going to talk about me if I come out of a restaurant with Liam. So why not put the power back in my relationship and say, ‘This is how I feel’? “

But Miley is aware that dating a musician can be difficult because of how much their work is influenced by their personal lives.

She added: “Dating a musician [like me] is probably the worst thing ever, because you always end up ­having your shit in songs. It’s just ­inevitable. But I’m just that way.”

The ‘We Can’t Stop’ hitmaker is “grossed out” by overly “masculine” guys and finds it “crazy” that Liam, 27, doesn’t spend as much time thinking about his gender as she does.

She said: “I’m a little bit boyish. But I can also be super femme and dress as a bunny rabbit. Who I’m with has nothing to do with sex – I’m super open, pansexual, that’s just me.

“I always get in trouble for ­generalising straight men, because straight men can be my worst nightmare ­sometimes. And I’m with a straight dude. But he’s always like, ‘Well, don’t call me that!’

“I ask him sometimes, ‘Do you like being a boy?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t really think about it’. And that’s crazy to me, because I think about being a girl all the time.

“I’m always like, ‘It’s weird that I’m a girl, because I just don’t feel like a girl, and I don’t feel like a boy. I just feel like nothing.’ So when someone’s too ­masculine, that really grosses me out.”

*Sourced by Bang Showbiz

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