Minimising Your Party Bag

Finally done with my day – I get out of my car, and because I’m carrying a whole bunch of other stuff, I chuck my house keys in my bag. By the time I reach my front door, I realise that that was probably the worst decision I’ve made today.

I reach in to fish out my keys – no wait, that’s my Chanel N°5 L’EAU; not looking for my book… What is this sticky stuff I’m touching?? Oh right, that was a sweetie wrapper I refused to litter with when I couldn’t find a bin; so Marie’s nail polish is with me; ah found it!

This whirlwind of emotions, I tell ya. It feels as if the bags we carry are some form of other worldly objects. The amount of stuff we manage to keep, forget, and on most days lose in there always flabbergasts me. You can’t have that issue when you’re out partying,  because #1 you might be a little fuzzy from consumption, and #2 you need to be as graceful as possible when fixing yourself up – quick, straight to the point, seamless. The last thing you need is someone thinking you’ve disappeared!

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Let’s talk essentials – CCC.

Cash – A lot of people, including myself, have a habit of not bringing out cash. This happens, when you’re more inclined to spend using your cards, but trust me, having at least a fiddy on you for the night can end up being a life saver.

Card – No, not plastic money, but your IDs! We don’t ever recommend driving after knocking back a few, but you never know, in case you haven’t, and you need to step in for a friend who has, that driver’s license and IC might end up coming in handy!

Cell – Probably the most important thing in my books. You can literally do everything with your cell, provided you have the necessary apps – banking in cash to your friends’ card if you totally spaced on bringing some out, and calling a car service, if you’ve had too much too drink!

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Beauty bag additions that could save your life for the night!

Lips – You really don’t want to end up looking like you’re an 80s martyr with a thick ring around your lips. Fill ’em up with some of that Chanel Rouge Allure of your choice!

Scent – Everyone has an allowance, or a quota even, for bad behaviour. If you’re going that route on your birthday, the least you can do is not smell like a pack of cigarettes and cheap booze by the end of the night, am I right? 😛

Eyes – mid dance floor, 3/4 into the night, there is only so much any product can do if you’re sweating as profusely as that. Use something lasting, like Chanel’s Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner in 65 Hyperblack to make sure you don’t drip out in the middle of the night. I personally, would bring along this bad boy, just ’cause I’m vain like that. LOL.


*Sponsored by Chanel

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