#MyCLEOEB15 Tell All: Nude Pics, Tacky or Hot?

A study on Match.com states that unsolicited sexual photos from guys are one of the biggest turnoffs for women. But let’s face it, lots of women love taking, sending, and receiving sexy pics — and that’s great because we’re pretty sure that guys love taking, sending, and receiving sexy pics just as much! Or so we thought. We get down and dirty with the #MyCLEOEB15 candidates and got them to share their honest opinions on the nudes…

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It depends on whether the chick is hot or trashy. It’s hot if you’re reciprocating. If it’s a random chick and that’s her hook, then it’s just wrong. – Shomi Malik, 26.

A while ago, I would have thought it was hot. Now thought? Not so much. There’s just so much that’s unsafe about it, I wouldn’t want someone to see my partners naked pictures. Some things should be eyes only. – Johan Halim, 26.

There is no way I come off not sounding like a douche here, but it’s hot. Imagine you’re in a meeting and your girlfriend sends you a nudie. Come on, it’d be hot! – Joseph Lee, 23.

What I look for in a woman is a strong set of principles. If she would send me naked photos of herself, she’s probably done it before and it’s hard to respect a woman who doesn’t respect herself. – Aiman A.B., 23.

If a girl wants to send me pictures of herself, I’m all for it. I mean, it’s your body and you can do what you want to do with it. – David Lee Knighton, 23.

I guess it’s hot. Kind of. It might be. I don’t want a bunch of guys sending me their nudes now. – Malek McCrone, 21.

Want to know more about the Bachelors? Make sure you log on here to await updates, scroll through the hotties, and most importantly… vote for your fave bachelors! There might even be something in it for you if you keep your eyes peeled for it, like perhaps tickets to the finale bash? #justsaying #cleogivesyoustuff

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