#MyCLEOEB15 Tell All: I Partied So Hard…

While we all love a man that can hold his liquor, knowing your limit is something that comes with age. And so we asked the bachelors about their younger and more foolish party days. Check out some of their wild, wild drink stories.

hangover movie
I was in Kohpangan during New Years and I blacked out between midnight and seven in the morning. I had one drink and next thing I know I was in an alleyway with a lit cigarette in my hand. I have no recollection of what happened in between and because I travel alone I still have no idea what happened. It was a heck of a drink. – Malek McCrone, 21.

The last time I partied so hard, I threw up. I was 18, it was the first time I was out and about drinking with my friends and it was on Heritage Row (remember how it used to be THE happening spot?). I woke up with a girl I didn’t know at my friend’s house. No idea how we got there. – Joseph Lee, 22.

I was out with my friends at the balcony of a bar; I got so confused that I ended up having drinks at two different tables throughout the night. Got extremely wasted, was driven back home, stuck my head out of the window and yelled at tourists coming out from their taxis to get back in because they can’t get taxis. Next thing I knew, I woke up in the passenger seat of my own car in front of my friend’s house. – Matt Ong, 30.

This is embarrassing, but about a year ago, I got pretty wasted with some friends and tried to rob a car that wasn’t mine. Don’t ask. – Iwan Gerber, 23.

It was a long time ago when I was in the UK. It was during Chinese New Year and one too many yum sengs later, I ended up waking up in a bush. And I lost my phone. I think I ended up throwing up but I can’t remember. I have never had a time like that ever again. – Matt Pyne, 23.

I was at freshies week at university and they had a thing called a chilli pepper shot at a shady bar in the alley of Camden Town in London. Me being the spicy food lover, I thought I could handle more than five. I had to make an emergency visit to the garbage bin at the nearest alleyway. – Nara Vishvalingam, 25.

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