New Style Trends For Men In 2017

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

It’s a new year which means we can expect to see some trends heating up!

We’ve seen the male mules, embroided pockets, shiny shirts, and mid calf shorts grace the men, horribly I might add, and there was the attack of the man bun which you either hate or love!

Here’s a few of the up and coming styles:

Monochrome Prints
Source: Trend Spotter

What seems like a reminder of 101 Dalmations, we dig the monochromatic look. It’s edgy and bold without going overboard.

Pyjama Inspired
Source: Trend Spotter

It’s a dream to be able to wear something you sleep in, usually the most comfortable pieces of clothing you own. Well God clearly heard our prayers cause now you can go out wearing your Pj’s and no one has to know you woke up way past your alarm.

Source: Trend Spotter

Instead of putting them around your head, here’s an idea, tie it around your neck and call it a neckerchief, yes I’m laughing hysterically as I’m writing this!

Sweatpants & Socks
Source: Splash News via GQ

Sweatpants have been all the rage for a couple of years now but this time its about tucking them into your socks! It sounds kinda weird but I’m probably going to make my boyfriend give this a try! *guilty*

V-Neck Sweaters
Source: Getty Images via GQ

Sweaters are always cute on a guy and sure there was a controversy at one point of time about V neck t-shirts but I guess everyone has moved past that and V-neck sweaters have made a hit for 2017!

Light Wash Denim
Source: Trend Spotter

Denim will never go out of style. Heck Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made it epic with their matching denim outfits. So for 2017, give light wash shade of denim a try if you haven’t, who knows it might even suit you better than dark denim.

Statement Bomber Jackets
Source: Trend Spotter

Bright coloured bomber jackets are big this season! Instead of the usual black and army green toned jackets, bright pinks and emeralds were splashed all over the catwalks.

Unnatural Hair Colours
Source: Splash News via GQ

This is a trend that I’m not sure is going to look good. Honestly unnatural hair colours are a huge risk and if not done right, could be way worse than what we imagined in our heads. But I’m excited to see who’s able to pull it off and laugh at the disasters that could take place.

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