How To Prepare For Your Beauty Travel Bag

The holiday season is here! Well, for the kids in school, at least. The rest of us just watch on enviously ’til the end year public holidays start making their annual appearances.

With both of our hectic schedules, I reckon the “adult thing to do” is plan ahead of time. As appealing as winging it sounds, I really don’t want to put myself in a situation where more money’s spent for my forgetfulness!

D’oh I don’t have undies for a week!

Believe me when I say that it’s happened to the best of us. But, we do learn from our mistakes, and never again, I say! So how do you prepare when travelling? Here’s a few tips..


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If your skin’s just as sensitive (more like spoilt) as mine, I can totally understand why you’d rather not opt for using another product during your entire holiday, just for the sake of carrying travel sized bottles. What you can do, is buy refillable travel sized bottles from Daiso, and refill those bad boys with your everyday stuff.

When you’re packing your toiletries, and daily routine goodies, also make sure you separate the gels, liquids, and aerosols. This is just to make sure that you don’t open your bag to a leaked out mess, in case the bottles don’t hold fast – use a zip lock bag!


Why go through all that hassle when airport guidelines allow you to carry normal sized products with a checked in bag? Simple – Added weight!



I know, so much effort just to have on a face that would probably melt off at your humid asf destination, but two reasons…

  1. Photos.
  2. It’s the occasional once in a blue moon thing where I don’t have to rush with my face because I woke up late. You can take your own sweet time on a holiday!

When you’re travelling, you want to be as nimble as possible – JK, we all just really want extra space for the souvenirs we’re “not gonna buy”. So picking out the essentials is a great way to do that! Ask yourself, “am I really gonna use this there?”. There’s no need to pack an entire 12 coloured eye palette, in case you “need it”. Another tip to help you save space is opting to go brush-less. Use your fingers as an alternative!

If you ask me, I can settle for just some lip colour, and maaaayybee bring along my eyebrow kit, but if you’d like to go all out, cushion any compact based items. This is just to make sure your compacts don’t break into a powdered mess when they’re being lugged around!


See, it’s really quite simple, isn’t it? Also, (and you probably shouldn’t make a habit out of this) if you may have accidentally packed an item more than 100ml in your carry on luggage, worry not! Most airports have counter specifically for shipping items to your destinations!

Disclaimer: It may cost you a bomb though… 😛

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