Pretty Powerful Part 3: Ain Ramli

With fitness as tools for empowerment, a fitness expert tells us how she goes the distance in creating change.

Commitment, dedication, hard work and perseverance — those are among the values Ain Ramli has gained throughout her years as a national rower and these pillars of discipline have propelled her career beyond that chapter of her life.

Crediting her father who was also a national rugby player as the catalyst for her interest in sports and outdoor activities, Ain’s fitness achievements are many. They include rowing for our national team, finishing in marathons, duathons and triathlons, and being part of Puma’s Team Faster, an elite collective of trainers who brings people together to train faster and harder.

As Ain uses her platform to inspire more people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, she’s also been dealing with Internet (and gym) trolls who are quick to critique her outfits, techniques and body. But after years of training, it takes more than a few negative tweets to get to her.

“People will always talk when you choose to do something different, so I pay no attention. I tell people femininity doesn’t equate to being skinny or looking like a model. Staying healthy, being confident and positive are way more important in my list.”

But even the fastest, strongest and best athletes have had to overcome some form of skeletons. For Ain, she’s had to overcome problems with body image during her younger years. “I tell people femininity doesn’t equate being skinny … Staying healthy, being confident and positive are way more important.” — Ain Ramli.

“I used to work out because I wanted to be skinny and have thigh gaps but every time I looked into the mirror, I still wasn’t comfortable with myself,” she said. And getting out of that fitness rut was nothing short of a team effort. Ain turns towards her support system — a strong foundation of friends and family. “I always surround myself with positivity. My friends, especially those in the fitness industry, are those who constantly support each other,” Ain said, adding that having the proper knowledge, can have a drastic impact on the course of any training, which is exactly what she brings to her classes and sessions.

To learn more on how to train with a Team Faster trainer like Ain, visit Puma Facebook Page.

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