Quiz: What’s Your Perfect Designer It Bag?

So, which bag? “If only there was a way to make the decision easier,” we hear you cry. Well, now there is. Take our quiz to fix this sitch once and for all.


My current handbag is:

A. Spick and span. I take a mini dust-buster to it once a week.

B. Full to the… hang on, my phone’s ringing. Can’t. Find. It. Missed it.

C. A backpack. I have a clutch for parties (but it’s pretty old).

D. Vintage Prada from my mum. It’s from Harrods circa 1970.

A typical day for me is: 

A. Meetings, lunch at my desk, more meetings, then Pilates.

B. Coffee first, followed by writing a to-do list, then taking a nap.

C. Ocean swimming, art supplies shopping, and the movies.

D. Work, dinner with friends, and a bit of online shopping before bed.

My trip to work or study is:

A. A short Uber ride.

B. A cab and a commute.

C. A 20-minute car ride.

D. It depends… Are we going out for drinks after?

My fashion icon is:

A. Cate Blanchett – classic, elegant, sophisticated and chic.

B. Jennifer Lawrence – stunning imperfection with a hint of cool.

C. Zooey Deschanel – beautifully quirky.

D. Kendall Jenner – street-style cool.

Commitment is:

A. Simple. Work hard, make decisions, then stick ’em out.

B. I’ll have the burger, no, the salad, no, the burger… I can’t decide.

C. Totally beautiful.

D. Keeping that lunch date even after you’ve discovered there’s a Club 21 sale.

My dream outfit is:

A. Always Chanel. The jackets! The skirts! The matching!

B. One that doesn’t need ironing, or at least, not by me.

C. A Burberry trench. It’s practical, and goes with everything.

D. Anything Moschino Spring/Summer 2015.

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