Reasons Christmas is the Most Romantic Time of the Year

Forget Valentine’s Day, which feels almost expected and overpriced. With amazing food, heartwarming songs and oh-so-pretty lights, Christmas season is the epitome of the term “there’s romance in the air”.

You live in fairytale land


Gorgeous sparkly fairy lights are everywhere, whether you like them or not. They automatically turn any place into a wonderland, not unlike Disney movies.


It’s the season of giving


What better time to give your special someone a special something without any expectations? Think romance when coming up with creative gifts – such as a back massage or little favour coupons to be redeemed throughout the month *wink*.


The mistletoe tradition


You get tons of opportunities to steal cheeky kisses whenever you pass under a mistletoe. This can be turned into a sweet and fun game when you’re out with your partner! If you can’t find any, well, bring your own!


Wine and pies aplenty


If you need an occasion to pop open a bottle of wine, this is it! Curl up on the couch with two glasses and some mince pies, and talk the night away with slow Christmas songs in the background. If you want to level up, make those mince pies beforehand together!


It’s a romantic holiday in some countries


In Japan, Christmas Eve is somewhat like Valentine’s Day, when couples view Christmas lights, exchange gifts and have a romantic meal (interesting fact: it’s usually KFC!). In Greenland, on the other hand, husbands particularly dote on their wives on the eve of Christmas.


There’s a lot of red


Red is synonymous with love, passion and romance, and there’s aplenty everywhere. Couple this with decorations like snowflakes and glittery stars, and you’ll just feel like grabbing your partner’s hand.


The movies say so


Some of the most heartwarming romantic comedies are set during Christmas season. Think Love Actually, Serendipity and While You Were Sleeping. Maybe it’s the need to be with a loved one during this season, or maybe it’s just those darn Christmas lights again that gets us all weepy.


Delicious candles are readily available


Christmas scented candles with homey scents such as cinnamon, gingerbread and nutmeg are sold in stores this time of the year. Perfect for awakening the senses and setting the mood at home or in a hot tub.


Proposal season


In a survey, Christmas Eve has been voted (37 percent) as the most romantic time to pop the question, and 57 percent of men believe you should plan to spend Christmas together as soon as you start a relationship. We say it’s also the perfect time (and reason) to meet the family!


The fantasy of a white Christmas


Throwing snowballs lovingly at each other and making snow angels while star-gazing is indeed a romantic dream. You’ll have to go overseas for this one, or head to Snow City in i-City Shah Alam for a little taste of it!

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