Robbie Williams’ Four Year Old Daughter Already Talking Tattoos

Robbie Williams’ four-year-old daughter wants tattoos for Christmas.

The ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’ singer’s wife Ayda Field is less than impressed that her eldest child Teddy wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and get a series of permanent inkings.

She said: “You know what Teddy asked for at Christmas? Tattoos. We have gone down the wrong path. I need to right this ship. She is four. She is going to have a face tattoo and a sleeve done by the time she’s 12. No, I have got to take a stand.”

And Ayda has also had to put her foot down with Robbie, who is keen to get a tattoo on his face.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “He literally wants one on his face. No thank you. He wanted something aggressive on the neck too but I said no. Sometimes Baby has to be put in the corner.”

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old singer – who also has two-year-old Charlton with Ayda – previously revealed he feels everything makes sense now he has children.

He said: “It has been in the past where stage fright has been that overwhelming that I thought I couldn’t do it anymore. But it’s not that way now.

“Things change with having kids and having a wife and having a purpose. During my career, great things were happening for me but I was bouncing off walls aimlessly going, ‘Why doesn’t any of this make sense?’ And now it does.”

And Ayda is very involved with Robbie’s music career, with the singer previously revealing Ayda helped to choose the songs for his album whilst they were in the bath together but it didn’t go too well as she was less enamoured with a song he wrote about her.

He said: “There’s a song on the album called ‘When You Know’ and it is about Ayda, it’s a loving song that I wrote for her. We were playing what goes on the album in the bath together and I played the first song and she said yes, that goes on, second song, yes that definitely goes on, third song, yeah.

“And we got to the fourth song and it was ‘When You Know’, which is the song about Ayda and at the end of the song, there was just silence and she said, ‘No – I don’t think so’. I was like, that’s your Valentine’s gift – I’m not going to do that again!”

*Sourced from Bang Showbiz

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