Talitha Tan’s Take On Parkour

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Talitha Tan, 20, is no stranger to CLEO. The petite (but strong!) musician/singer/songwriter was all over our October 2015 issue just as her music career was taking off. We also got the chance to shoot her earlier this year for our body issue — our July 2016 issue!

We were always curious about parkour, and could never wrap our heads around how people climb and free-jump off walls and buildings.


So we got the chance to get up close with the multi-talented artiste, and she gets all candid about the sport.

“I love sports, I like being active! My main sports would be parkour, rock climbing and weightlifting/crossfit. I had started working part time at a trampoline park for extra pocket money (I mean I get paid to jump around. HAHA) , that was where I was exposed to parkour. I started training with Malaysians teams like AOXM (Art of extreme movement) AND The Alpha Movements. From then, I just fell in love with the sport.

With sports like parkour, you don’t really see many girls doing  it, so sometimes it may get a little intimidating, but motivates me, because I like being able to prove that girls can do it too! Uhh, I am a girl amongst guys who do stunts that could break our necks! So sometimes the guys will be like “no Talitha, stick to what you’re doing.” But I’m stubborn, and when I’m confident and someone looks down on me, I try very hard to prove them wrong.

I guess for a girl I’m considerably strong, but the one strength I definitely have is is my mental strength. But one thing is, I NEVER tell my mum how I get injured, or try to avoid showing her I am injured, unless it’s really bad.

I fell on my face a couple of times, some were considerably serious, most obvious one was a sprained ankle. My mum would always say “TALITHA, Why cant you be more of a girl?” LOL.

She’s not entirely fond of me doing parkour, but I don’t let that stop me, like I said, I’m stubborn, and I love sports a little too much. Family wasn’t too supportive of my performing/singing as well before, but I guess I showed them how much I love the things I do, enough to make them accept and love it with me. I love feeling strong, dominant.

I remember my first time climbing up Putrajaya Bridge. In the midst of doing it, I looked down and paused, I was afraid because I had no fear. I stood at the very edge of the bridge to take a panorama, was adjusting myself to stand in the middle by looking at the screen on my phone, and realised that one foot was almost halfway out. OMG.

For climbing though, I boulder more, so routes aren’t so high up, but it’s more of the fear to commit a dyno/jump to other handhold. Actually, this goes for every sport, when you’re about to do something, NEVER hesitate. It’ll only get you injured. Imagine in the midst of doing a backflip you hesitate. You’ll end up on your face!

All these failures keeps things interesting, something to laugh about, to pick yourself up and learn. #Deep

 The sports I do almost makes me stronger than most guys, which is also cool 😛 And if you want to start, don’t ever be shy. The sports community is more than happy to recruit more people. We also like teaching sometimes cause it helps us improve!”

Catch the story in our July issue!




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