Tampons VS Pads – Which Is Better?

Ah yes, the big ‘P’ word. Period, menstruation, the time of the month, or as I’d like to call it – “my uterus is bleeding don’t talk to me for a few days”.

I was sitting at the lunch with my girlfriends and we somehow came about this topic. No biggie, girls talk about these things. PMS, bodily functions, boobies hurting and irregular menstruation  – you name it.

We were incredibly openly about it all, the people around us trying to eat their lunch were probably not loving it.

It suddenly came upon the topic of what kind of feminine products we use: tampons or pads? 

Personally, I prefer pads. I’ve tried the whole tampon thing and I just don’t think it suits me mainly because I don’t like feeling like I’ve got something stuck in my lady bits.

Perhaps that’s because I’ve been mentally scarred by my one of my old school mates who told me a story about how her tampon got stuck so far up she had to go to the gynecologist to get it out. YIKES!

I get it though, tampons and pads have their pros and cons and everyone has a preference. Here’s my take on the pros and cons of both:


Tampons = 1 ,  Pads = 0

The size of tampons is what people prefer the most about it. It’s small, easy to hide if you are uncomfortable about having your period known and you get that freedom of movement.

As some of us may know, sanitary pads come in all shapes and sizes to cater to women’s menstruation flow. We’ve got slim (in thickness and short in length), medium, large and XL that basically feels like a mini diaper.

In this case, I’m talking about from the mediums to XL range that will make a girl feel like she’s got a fat hoo-ha. Which also means she needs to rethink those jeans she was thinking of wearing so she won’t have a camel toe.


Tampons = 1, Pads =  1 

The insertion of the tampon is not the nicest. Especially, if you’re a first timer. Like most things, it’s something you’ll have to get used to and everybody’s body is different so you just have to find out what tampons suit your down there.

One of the pad’s disadvantages has probably got to be that wet, damp feeling and sensation us girls experience when you sneeze or get up from lying down.. “Did I just pee myself?!” Nope.


Tampons = 1, Pads =  2

Some studies have shown that if you’re not vigilant, tampons may cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. In fact, if you don’t change your pads or tampons regularly you could develop a risk to a UTI, a rash or even a vaginal infection.

Tearing your hymen

Tampons = 1, Pads = 2

In terms of debunking myths that tampons won’t break your hymen AKA you won’t ‘lose your virginity’. Such an Asian thing, I know right?

Sure, there’s a whole butt load of other reasons of pros and cons for the both but this is my personal outweigh. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and we know that the products go beyond just tampons and pads. Either way, we all know the true suffering of being a girl and just how much we wish we didn’t have to endure the monthly battle with our ovaries.

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