The Types Of Friends From University I’ll Never Forget

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

The first day of Uni was the most nerve-wracking and exciting day of my life thus far! Imagine walking into a classroom where you know absolutely no one so there’s of course that awkward moment of figuring out where you should sit… *worst thing ever*

First days can be extremely daunting; from primary school to the first day of your first job – heck, there are going to be a lot of firsts in your life.

But then I found six amazing people that I owe my life to for having the best time in University with. It’s such a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Meeting people who you never expected would end up making such a big impact on your life.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to to experience this so we might end up having a thing in common or two…

The Momma Bear

This girl is literally the mom of the group. She takes care of all of us by constantly checking up on us and making sure that we’re actually working on our assignments! The one thing I love most about this person is that she lends an ear whenever the time is needed. Giving advice when asked and she allows you to make your mistakes but doesn’t judge you for it.

The Slacker

You know for a fact that in every group of friends, there’s always the one that slacks. This is the one that doesn’t really attend classes and doesn’t do assignments until the last minute. On the up side, this friend is someone that you can rely on to always have a good time! They may be a slacker but they sure know how to party!

The Drama Repellent

They absolutely hate being involved in drama but funnily enough, they end up being the ones to stir up drama! No, they don’t necessarily do it on purpose but they’re always the one that takes time to warm up to people. And when they do it ends up being a friendship worth cherishing.

The Latecomer

There’s always one, right? For whatever reason they have for always being late, most of the time it’s because they’re insanely hungover. This one can also be counted on to get the booze ready for a good party – Ironically, always the first to party and the last one standing.

The Grammar Nazi

It’s an annoying habit but the one good thing is that this person will hands down be able to proof read and edit your assignments for you. They’re always the intelligent one who lends an ear when you’re feeling glum and always has the best and most eloquent advice to give.

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