TV Series That Need To Make A Comeback Now

It’s World Television Day and we’re bringing you our picked series that we wish would make a comeback! Which TV series do you miss binge watching? I’m pretty sure that a good mix of our favourite childhood and adolescent shows made the cut…


Self explanatory. How could we not miss this gang?!

Gossip Girl

The sophistication and all the drama had us glued to our seats! And let’s not forget the love that was meant to be together all along: Blair & Chuck.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The OG vampire drama series before the lot started to churn out! We’ll admit that the effects weren’t great back then but that didn’t mean we didn’t love Buffy any less. We also never got to see Buffy and Angel together in the end… *cry* but hey, a bad a$$ chick vampire slayer? #YouGoGirl! 

The O.C.

The love affairs and the drama! Why can’t they bring The O.C. back?! Oh right, because they killed of Marissa’s character. GAH!

We loved the Summer and Seth duo – the popular girl falling for the quirky, nerd boy. THE BEST ON SCREEN ROMANCE EVER!

Legends Of The Hidden Temple

A gameshow on Nickelodeon back in the day that was just incredibly put together. I mean, trying to retrieve the pendants through a series of obstacle courses and getting screwed if you were caught by one of the mummies. Such a thrill!

Art Attack

I never realised how much I liked art attack up until now. I didn’t realise up until now that I’ve grown older how the host of the show is just so… Perky. (If you know what I mean?)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Ah, good ol’ Sabrina. She made being a witch look cool and we all wanted to be one. Her adorable talking cat Salem and her cool witch family bracing the ‘normal’ world together!


We loved the individual stories that this series told. Humans realising their special powers and in the end realising that they’re not the only ones in the world? Of course, no sci-fi TV show would be complete without bad guys and there was plenty of Good VS Evil action in there too.

Will & Grace

A group of 4 friends basically giving us on point and witty banter ALL. DAY. LONG.


A British drama TV series that explored various teenage issues through different characters. The series ran for 7 seasons and it was very rare it was the same cast each season.

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