When, How, And Why He Knew She Was The One

It’s wedding season, and you know what that means – hearts warming back to when we were 5 years old, wanting to be swept away in a pumpkin carriage by our very own Prince Charming.

Even if the realistic sides of ourselves are well aware that none of us are ready to take that leap, it’s totally normal if you feel inclined or pressured to want to get hitched (and if you don’t, then that’s cool too) – It happens to the best of us. Humans only really want to be loved, right?

In attempt to help understand these ungodly feelings better, I set out to ask married men of different backgrounds when, how, and why they knew their wives were the ones; what it was that made them feel like they needed to spend the rest of their lives in a legally monogamous relationship, other than the financial practicality of it. Here we go!


Bo, Music Producer and Composer

“You can never explain it. You just know – when you find a person you want to be with forever.”


Nik Hariff, Communications Manager

“It’s not something that you know, but how you feel. If you’re overthinking whether the person is right for you, then it’s probably not gonna happen. You will feel the upmost comfort when you are thinking about that person, and things just happen to grow organically.”


Michael, Business Manager

“Hmmm…yeah…it’s not something that easy to explain. It’s human instinct that tells you. You feel complete with that person and you’re able to share everything with your better half. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that you know has been completed! ?”


James, Video Producer and Director

“A cliché, but when she saw me at my lowest, my ugliest and my worst – She stuck with me through it all. She’s just beautiful in and out, no BS just keeping it real. Love a real girl.”


Taufiq, Founder of Mudah Exercise

“When? End of 2013
Why? Because of her firm character
How? Before we got married, I had some silly conflicts with a group of people, and she was there to hold my head up the entire time.. Thinking it was resolved, it came back to haunt us months after, and still, she was there. We got happily married a bit after.”


Angelo, Business Owner

“How did I know Eileen was the one? Just look at her! Beauty. Brains, she comes from a great family with wonderful values. OH!! I almost forgot – FANTASTIC COOK TOO!”


It’s safe to say that the conclusion to this all is a feeling. Something that you know in your gut is right. So don’t rush it – it comes when it comes, and if it never does, then it’s OK.


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