WIN A Toucher Hydro Therapy + Micro Meridian Aromatherapy Treatment Set!

Win 1 Of 5 Sets Of Toucher Hydro Therapy + Micro Meridian Aromatherapy Treatment Set!

If you’re not familiar, Toucher Hydro Facial is a basic treatment which suitable for all skin type. It could deep cleanse skin pores, remove skin impurities and maintains the skin healthy complexion. This treatment pair with Micro Meridian Aroma  Therapy.

Our mind and body are always pressured and compressed. Insufficient rest and sleep are common. All these tension and stress can cause headache and tight muscle in our body, especially the neck area. CRES’s Micro Meridian Aromatherapy is a reinforced aromatherapy that adopts usage of nano technology in the Micro Meridian Infuser to enhance the effectiveness of aromatherapy for a fast and maximum result. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduces neck tightness and headache, making us feel relief and relaxed.


Usage of Pure Essential Oils

  • Pure Essential Oils are organic compounds from plants that protect the plants from insects, infection and harsh environment. Thus, using Pure Essential Oils means harnessing the tremendous protective and healing properties of the plants. Many different cultures use them to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Extracted directly and purely from plants through steam distillation, they are highly concentrated and usage of only a few drops is sufficient to be effective.
  • One of Pure Essential Oil used:
    • Lavender: Help with relaxation, tensed neck, stress, insomnia (couldn’t sleep) and tiredness.
    • Peppermint: Reduce headache, neck pain, fever, and muscle pain.
    • Tea Tree Oil: Stimulate immune system and improve skin discomfort like itchiness and rashes.

4 IN 1 Micro Meridian Infuser that reinforces the effect of Aromatherapy

  • Micro ionic charge BIO Set : Counteract with the ionic charges of the congested lymphatic nodes and help to improve their circulation, promoting better lymphatic drainage and detoxification.
  • Temperature Control (40’C to 65’C): Improve blood circulation and reduce neck pain and headache. Open up skin pores for better absorption of the Pure Essential Oil.
  • Vibration: Relieve tensed neck muscle and relax muscle tightness.
  • Far infra red rays: Reduce pain and remove toxin especially heavy metal in the body. Ensure fast and deep penetration of Pure Essential Oil into the skin.


  1. Relieve headache and migraine
  2. Reduce neck pain and neck muscle tightness.
  3. Improve sleep and relax body and mind.
  4. Eliminate tiredness and tension.
  5. Enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the neck and head.

We are giving away 5 sets of Toucher Hydro Therapy + Micro Meridian Aromatherapy treatment!

How to win?

Each week, we will open a contest for our readers to submit their entries. Stay up to date with our webpage for the month of September 2017 to find out the question for that week!

The contest for Cres Wellness is open for entry submissions from 1 – 10 September at 11:59PM. You can submit your entry in the form below:

  • Full Name as per IC*
  • Email*
  • Contact Number*
  • IC Number*
  • Tell us how you would enjoy this gift.

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