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10 Moisturisers To Buy Over And Over Again

Nobody’s born with perfect skin. Except for that one friend who barely has a beauty routine but just. LOOKS. PER. FECT. You know who.

As soon as I hit puberty at the age of 12, my hormones attacked my face like there was no tomorrow. I started to sneak into my mum’s bathroom before going to school so I can steal a few pumps of her foundation. Mind you, my mum’s skin tone is much more tanner than me. Looking back at evidence of my unskilled make-up application, it was a teenage tragedy.

Obviously it was the worst thing I could’ve done just to hide the problematic areas, no wonder why my skin couldn’t breathe and recover itself.

As I grew older and much wiser (thanks internet!), I realised I always, always, ALWAYS skip the step of hydrating my face. With a skin type that lean towards oily & combination, it’s actually more important to upkeep moisture. Just as how we need to drink water on the daily, your skin is just as thirsty. Logically, hopping in and out of an air-conditioned room to a tropical hot climate all the time can’t be good to our skin either.

I’m no fan of thick moisturisers which is why when I discovered water-based formula ones, it was God sent.

Keep your skin smooth and supple all year long by checking out these 10 moisturisers:

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CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (50ml), RM174.

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