14 Celebrities Who Look Amazing Without Make-Up

You know there are times when you just can’t be bothered with make up, or when you want to give your skin a break. Alicia Keys has unsurprisingly gotten a tonne of flack since announcing her rejection of make up.

Why do people feel the need to criticise how anyone wears their face?

Well the #Girlboss pays no mind to her critics, and continues to slay in everything that she does.

Take heed, little grasshopper. It’s your face, and so it’s solely your choice whether you want to wear make up at any time.

You do you, girlfriend. (via Giphy)

Smokey eyes, heavy contours and mega lashes might be great for the red carpet, but sometimes it’s just so refreshing to see our favourite celebs flaunting bare faces. Here’s some inspiration, girls!

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