2 Ingredient DIY Masks To Try Right Out From The Kitchen

IKR, my exact reaction when I saw how you can treat yourself to a DIY spa with only 2 ingredients! Previously working in radio, I have to admit, money was really good. With no responsibilities, rent and food were my only worries. Now with the job switch, well let’s just say I’ve had to cultivate the habit of being thrifty.

It felt like I was back in high school again, wanting the best for my face, but having to make it work with my budget. With these lucky days, anything is possible with a little help from Pinterest!

All the beautiful recipes and methods out there… But, then my laziness hits and I can’t be bothered because it’s just too much effort. How? 2 ingredients lah cukup! Yes, these are actual DIY face masks that you can put together with only 2 ingredients from your kitchen!


1. Egg + Lemon Juice


This weird combination doesn’t only help with tightening your skin, but it clears black heads too! Separate the egg whites form the yolks, and squeeze some lemon juice in (you can keep the yolks for some homemade custard). You can apply the solution all over your face, or to a specific spot. Wait for the solution to dry off before peeling/washing it off.


2. Brown Sugar + Olive Oil


Apply this combination into your hair. It acts as a scalp scrub + treatment. The olive oil will not only help strengthen your hair, but will leave it looking luscious and shiny after rinsing it off.




3. Honey + Cucumber


Cut slices of cucumber, dip them in a little honey, and apply all over your face. The cucumber has soothing properties, and the honey is a natural antiseptic – both of which can help with combating skin redness. The fun thing about this is that you can also use it as a daily toner!


4. Oatmeal + Olive Oil


Every worry about your dry scalp flaking out? This mix is the perfect hair mask to help replenish hydration right back in to it! Leave this combination on your scalp for 20 minutes weekly.


5. Aloe Vera Gel + Tumeric


Having to constantly blot your face throughout the day can be a chore. Use this mix to help regulate oily skin! The aloe vera gel also helps as a soothing agent, so you’ll be dealing with skin redness at the same time too.


6. Milk + Tomato Juice


Mix the two liquids and apply all over your face and neck. Be sure to make just enough for a table spoon or two to prevent wastage. You can leave this on overnight, and wake up feeling fresh with brighter skin!


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7. Honey + Cinnamon


Acne is never fun to have – it’s painful and can take a toll on anyone’s self confidence. This combination helps heaps with reducing acne, and redness of the skin. Yes, you can also apply this to your back, but be sure to not leave everything on for not more than 10 mins a day!